Day 15 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditaton – Give to Receive – Seed #4


In order to take a full breath in, you have to let go and breathe out. What you desire or want might be right in front of you but if your hands are full, you cannot receive. One way or another create space so that you can receive. This can be done by giving or perhaps by simply releasing or letting go.

Seed #4 Give to Receive

The shadow of love is grief. They say that we are living until a certain age and then we spend the rest of our life dying. I believe that our first experience with grief, which comes in many different forms is part of this. Grief takes away our innocence and brings in a darkness of fear or the reality of a hurt so deep that it can scar us forever – and take away our breath. Breath is life. Without it, there is not life. Oxygen is the source of vitality that we need, and if you ask anyone who has felt deep grief they will tell you that during those moment you barely breathe, the breath is shallow. When you experience any type of grief or when you are in the heaviness or darkness of it, continue to surround yourself with love and continue to breathe deep, and eventually the light will shine in again.

Let this realization give you the grace to love others as well because you do not know what one is grieving at any given time. Be the source of love and life for others and, in return, life will be sourced to you.  Define what love is to you and use those words as a guide as to how you will live because when your shadow is heavy, you too will need each of those words to continue to breathe and to live – and LOVE.

Mindfulness: Because you are here to love, you must do what you love.  That is the bottom line. You are the only one who knows what this is and it is unique to you.  If you are not doing what you love in some way or creating love in some way, you will struggle to be any of those words that you chose to describe love. If you are struggling with what you should be doing, ask yourself what you would do if your cosmic purpose, your dharma, was done and you were only here to enjoy life with loving fearlessness and to create as much love as you can. What would you do? Start giving that; start receiving that; become that.

Movement: Occupational – Heart Chakra – Lead with the Heart

Meditation: Today’s meditation we will walk along the beach. Take 7 deep breaths fully in and fully out and with each one say LOVE IS… And then ask yourself if what you are creating and embarking on involve those words, if not, how can you create space for more of what you LOVE? 

More: Seed #4: Give what you want to receive.  Receive what you want to become.  Become what you want to give.  What will you let go of today to create space to receive? Write seven descriptions of what love is and give that each day.  

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