Day 19 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Pros and Cons

Life is a dance of rises, falls, twirls and swirls so let it be uniquely and beautifully you. Today there is no yoga and meditation video from me because you are going to create your own dance!

The whole point of doing this 20 days is for you to create and become: your life, your words, your work, your moves and your dance of life.  It is to be able to take what you love to do and how you like to move and intentionally become who you are meant to be; to be able to apply what you have mindfully, moved through and meditated on and create it in your daily life. I hope you are naturally more mindful of yourself and your surroundings, able to do yoga everywhere and meditate anytime to become aligned with yourself, your spirit, others and the world around you. 

One last tool that I use as a quick way to make decisions or trouble shoot a situation is PROS and CONS. My way is very different from the old pro-con-way.

Mindfulness: Bring to mind one area of your life life that is going well. What is one word that begins with PRO that can help you improve this area or that you would use to describe why it is going well? Some examples are PROficient, PROductive, PROactive, PROfessional, PROmising, PROmotion, PROtect, PROud, PROve, PROvide. Write this down.

Now, what is one world that begins with CON that you can apply to help you improve this area or that describes why this area is going well? Examples: CONstructive, CONsiderate, CONsistency, CONtrolled, CONfidence, CONsole, CONsult, CONtinue, CONform, CONsider.

If you would like more ideas, simply just google “words that begin with PRO” and then “words that begin with CON.”

Now, bring to mind a situation or area that is not working well or is lacking direction. Apply those same words. It’s quite magical to see how much our lives are like an ecosystem and how each aspect of our lives is intertwined. What you feed one and what you need in one is always what you are feeding and needing in another. You can do this the opposite way and choose your PRO and CON words for the aspect that is not going well and start applying this to every area of your life. Again you will see the magic as you create alignment and energy of this same word and how your entire life conspires for you to succeed.

As one who lives with PTSD and constantly dealing with tiggers, often unknown, I know that living with intention and fully understanding that my life is an ecosystem has been very important. I believe we all can live more peaceful, joyful and productive when we take the time to unravel and sort out our aspects and emotions and then intentionally choose positive change.

Movement: Tomorrow I will share with you a dance with flowing postures called the Dragon Dance, which is my unravelling of mind, body soul. Today I would like you to create your own dance using your favourite yoga moves. This might be feet up the wall for 20 minutes or your version of Dancing Warrior.

With your PRO-word and CON-word in front of you, written down, and each of your own SEVEN SEEDS FOR SUCCESS written down, think of one area of your life where you feel fulfilled and one area that you would like to improve or that you are carrying a lot of emotion and would like to release. Using your PRO and CON words, base your dance on that rise from fall and begin to visualize up and downward movements. Now, consider the last seven days and choose one movement for each SEED FOR SUCCESS based on your favourite postures and put them together and create your own dance. Put on your favourite music of any genre and just move, just dance. No one is watching you so just be you and do you. If you struggle with this, you can always turn on your your favourite class from the past 18 days. Or you can lie down in Shavasana and simply visualize a dance for your life with a smile on your face.

Meditation: Set your alarm for 20 minutes and sit in a comfortable position in silence and breathe gratitude for your perfect little ecosystem.

More: With all of your SEVEN SEEDS FOR SUCCESS and your PROS and CONS written out in front of you, gather some old magazines, a poster paper, glue and scissors and create a vision board. I used a canvas for mine (in the photo above and then glazed it afterwards). You can also write you words and phrases on this board if you wish so that you have them where you can read them. If you have friends who have done this journey with you, invite them to join you!

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