Making Resolutions: What do you really want this year?



Make your resolution in-spirit 

This week is about bringing clarity to your dreams and making solid resolutions that will bring you closer to attaining the impossible, by realizing anything is possible in spirit. As you hold closely to your heart with gratitude your blessings, which are dreams that have already come true, dare to realize all of the possibilities that your life holds. Create a purposeful vision for your future. Understand that by envisioning and clarifying, you are giving your dreams life and are opening yourself to allow spirit to work with you.

So I ask you today, what do you want? What do you want to see transpire in your life one year from now with an understanding that this is a stepping stone to a greater goal or purpose?

Let yourself write with abandon until you come to the true resolution of your heart:

I want:

This year, I desire to see transpire:

This will be a stepping stone to:

My resolution is:


What do you want to feel?

As you begin to uncover exactly what you want in each aspect of your life (or perhaps only one aspect for now), it is beneficial to know what success feels like, or you can become insatiable, always feeling like it is never enough. Know how you want to feel at the beginning and end of each day, to know that your aspiration is happening and that you are on track. It is ok to feel tired at the end of the day as long as there is a sense of accomplishment. While it is good to reach a goal and set new ones, it is also important to celebrate past goals that you have achieved.

Today you will write an introduction of yourself as if you were meeting someone for the first time. Remember to write as if you are someone who has not only succeeded, but who is heading to further success. You may find it easier to write it out as if someone else were introducing you. Own your accomplishments and your dreams. Take a moment to look back at your life’s journey to see how far you have come. Silently celebrate each of the triumphs that brought you here, to where you are in your life today. Feel a sense of pride for what you have had to overcome to get this far, and let this exude out of you with certainty and excitement for what lies ahead.

What are you proud of yourself for? What did it take to get here? What is your future goal? In the past seven years, how have you grown?

Reintroduce yourself to the feelings of confidence and courage that it took to get to where you are today as you write out your introduction. Picture someone asking you who you are and what you do, or what someone else would say if they were introducing you. Write this out.

My name is:

I am:

My greatest accomplishment in life is:

My greatness to come is:


Choosing Your Future

If your introduction held any words or feelings of resentment from your past or for someone in it, it is not yet complete. To become what and who you desire, and to reach the goal you are setting out to attain, you have to take responsibility for each and every choice and action that was yours. If you are not where you want to be in life, deep down you know what has held you back. There are always going to be obstacles. Many of those obstacles are past dreams that came true—such as children, the mortgage on your home, or a student loan that you had to take to get your degree. Some obstacles are unfounded fears that for today you need to put aside. Embrace your obstacles, and know that they are simply challenges to over- come or include in your future vision as you take responsibility for them.

You are the conductor of your personal orchestra. You know which areas are your strengths, and what needs refinement; when it is time for the trumpet to blare, and the harp to softly join in. Take responsibility for what you have composed and the music you will continue to create.

So today I ask you again, what do you want? In one year’s time what is a realistic target that you can obtain? Will you embrace all of the blessings called obstacles that will make your achievement even greater because you either overcame them or included and embraced them? Seven years from now, what exactly do you want your life to look like? As the conductor of your symphony, what will you decide to begin doing or playing today?

I want:

In one year’s time, I will:

My obstacles to blessings are:

Embracing or overcoming these will make my achievement even greater because:

Seven years from now, I will be:

As the conductor of my symphony, today I will begin playing:


How will you ensure enjoyment through laughter and fun?

Life is too short to focus on obtaining a goal yet not have fun along the way. Working towards your goal should bring you joy just because you are doing what you love and following your passion. By working with joyful intent you will create more joy in your day.

Picture yourself looking forward to each day because perhaps you have lunch booked with your favourite client, or the next course you sign up for is in a city you have always wanted to visit. Be aware of your choices each and every day when filling your calendar, and be sure that there is one thing each day that is going to make you smile. Put a little smiley face, or the word “joy” next to it so that when you look at your daily planner you can get excited about what is coming up.

What makes you smile when you think of work? What brings you joy? Is it people, places or the feeling of accomplishment? Can you bring even more joy as you do these tasks with joyful intent by highlighting them in some way?

Seven things that make me smile when I think of work are:








Go through your day timer and highlight, write “joy” or add smiley faces to the events, meetings, or tasks that hold the possibility of joy. Where there is open time, put a smiley face to remind yourself to book in something joyful.


Embrace the unexpected

A phone call from an old friend out of the blue, a flower delivery for no reason, or a cancelled appointment that gives you time to catch up are all examples of unexpected surprises that I hope you will learn to really appreciate. Use whatever your day throws at you as an opportunity to expand on your success vision by finding gratitude in the unexpected, and learn to welcome spontaneity.

Your challenge this week and each week this year is to allow all of those little twists of fate and unexpected turns of events to bring more love and acceptance into your life. Today, I want you to familiarize yourself with what a spontaneous action might be, by thinking of some ways you can create a more natural acceptance for unplanned occurrences in your life. Recall past times when you said “no”, and later wished you had said “yes”. Think of the things you could do, or who you could call when someone cancels last minute, and accept this as a gift of opportunity. Picture yourself accepting a last minute invitation to share a bottle of wine, or come up with ideas to surprise others with a spontaneous gift of gratitude. Let go of the ego’s need to control every moment, as you resolve to embrace the unexpected twists of fate that enter your life when you learn to say “yes” with abandon.

How do you initially feel when something unexpected comes up in your life, such as a cancellation or change of plan? How can you learn to turn this into a feeling of gratitude or excitement for unplanned opportunity?

One thing I know I can do to add spontaneity into my life is:

I want to start saying “yes” to:

My initial reaction, verbal and non, to the unexpected is:

Starting today, when a plan changes, or something unexpected arises, I will remind myself to:

I will embrace the change as an opportunity to:


What does contentment look like to you?

Contentment is bliss, it really is. If you can wake up each day with a content heart, you are on the right track. If you are going about your days with a cloud of mild unhappiness surrounding you, or constantly feeling like there has to be something better out there for you, you have been bitten by the bug of restlessness and it is time to make a change. I hope today you really look at your life to see where there is discontent, and resolve to bring contentment. To do this, it is important to know what contentment feels like. This is what I want you to familiarize yourself with today—the feeling of contentment and what that will mean as you strive to attain your resolution. When the cloud starts to form, you will know which way to turn before the fog becomes too heavy and you become lost. A happy life is knowing that the key to contentment is always within your reach, because it is held within your heart.

How do you define contentment? What does one behold in someone who is content? What does this person look like?

Discontentment looks like:

Discontentment feels like:

Contentment looks like:

Contentment feels like:

I will bring back contentment daily by:


What are you waiting for?

It is time to take action. It is time to physically put into play the game plan of your resolution. Whatever you choose to do today with your physical self, I want to you be authentic. I hope you will stop with regrets, I hope you will walk with brevity, and know how to love yourself first. Do something nice for yourself. Feel beautiful today just because you deserve it. Resolve to stop being so hard on yourself for your imperfections because, and this I truly know for sure, no one is perfect. I don’t care how perfect someone seems from the outside, it just means they are good at hiding or covering their imperfections, or they are less obvious because the inner beauty is what exudes. Embrace your imperfections, or find joy in touching them up or working them off. If we could all stop pretending, the world really would be a better place. What are you waiting for?

What are you trying to cover or hide in your physical self? How does this make you feel about yourself? You know that changing your exterior will not make you happy on the inside, but what do you want to do to feel beautiful without shame? What is one thing you will start doing today to be physically authentic? How can loving your body first affect others around you? How will becoming comfortable in your own body help you attain your resolution and what you want to achieve in life?

 I spend a lot of time covering or hiding:

This makes me feel:

I want and deserve to feel beautiful, so I will:

To feel physically authentic, I know I need to:

By loving my body, I will be setting the example of:

Becoming truly comfortable in my own body, in my own skin, will help me reach my goals in life by:

Therefore, I resolve to be physically:



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