What We Learned This Year: 2017

There is much to be learned when you learn with another,

It’s a vulnerable place, but with rewards like no other.

Together we journeyed through a year of many firsts,

Holding hands through the bests, and hearts through the worsts.

We learned to say thank you for our blessings – before they came true,

And to be specific with our prayers, trusting that “He” already knew.

The little treasures that are buried deep in our heart,

Were waiting to be discovered, but only when we were ready to start.

We learned that the words we said we learned will forever echo in our mind,

It is the same want, but with a means and a measure of a completely different kind.

We learned there are things that only God can forgive and understand,

We cannot reinvent ourselves, but we can redefine our little castles built in the sand.

We learned never to go to bed with anger, worry, or hate,

And that in relationships it is always important to make a plan – and also set a date.

We learned we all make mistakes, but error does not define who we long to be;

To maintain the balance of expectation and generosity, forgiveness is the key.

Create laughter in your home to find true joy in the world beyond;

Happiness is magic, laughter the waving wand.

Speak your truth as it is in the lies where we face the most pain.

Honesty leads you to the place where together you learn to continue to dance in the rain.

The bigger picture helps to keep emotions under control;

Purify your thoughts today – if forever is really the goal.

As humans we must reign ourselves in to find the true potential that lives inside,

Not pent up, but honourable – as equals walking hand in hand and side by side.

Home is the place where you have chosen to put your heart at stake,

Show gratitude to those who give more than they will ever take.

The greater the love, bears the risk that greatness will one day be lost.

When you find a great love hang to it, it is always worth the cost.

No matter where you are, strive to be a leader in that place;

Be the example of courage, so others can find strength in whatever they too must face.

Build up your future teams by being a winning team from the start,

This precedence will form the teams to come, as they will learn from the labor of your brave-heart.

Insanity is repetition with still no fruits to bare,

So try it once, and try again, but know when defeat it is time to declare.

Once you reach that mark, you become the target to be beat,

So set new records; give them something to strive for as they rise to their own great feat.

We learned to appreciate when our friends and leaders learn to maintain their tact,

“You can’t handle the truth,” was more than just an act.

Not everyone knows what goes on behind the decorated walls,

The secrets hidden in the corners; the words that echo in the halls.

Neglect it is a form of abuse that runs deep and happens often,

“I love you most” is the phrase to use in the moments when you need to soften.

Survival of the fittest seems to be a term to be revered,

But strength numbers is what really should be feared.

Blood may be thicker than water but so are ties that bind.

Stay away from cowards who walk away, – leaving a trail of their own blood behind.

Piece by piece as you learn self-worth you teach others to know it too,

Decide together when to go under, and when to hold hands and go right through.

We learned to take each phrase we love and to turn the words around,

Words are like magic that generate a unique feeling through their unique sound.

We heard the saying that we should keep our enemies closer, and our friends only near,

Be we learned to keep our loved ones closest, for it is them we want to hold up the mirror.

Up until this year I could never say, “it’s going to be alright,”

But I learned to say it with certainty when I say my prayers each night.

I learned that there comes the day when we must choose a healthier vice,

Sometimes the oldest man can still give the best advice.

By Janaia Hutzal, Sept 27, 2017

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