“Skylight” – Theatre Calgary up-closer-than-ever

Theatre is known and adored for its intimacy.  The extra personal touch that is shared in David Hare’sSkylight, directed by Valerie Planche and performed in the Engineered Air Theatre in the Arts Commons, is a new and exciting venture for Theatre Calgary.

The universal emotions of love and loss that emerge through the tangled web of passion and betrayal emanate as the play unfolds.  A Grown child, a woman, and a man, all vulnerable to their need for security and desire to be loved, yet seeking acceptance for their individuality.

This play wavers on the fine line between self-preservation and self-destruction.

That same tight rope of the rights and wrongs of life and love are teetered on by each of the characters in Skylight.  As they challenge others’ choices and integrity they are forced to face the unspoken, yet eminent, truth of their own.

From the smells of the boiling spaghetti and garlic cooking, to the sensation of the heat of the moments, the audience is there, up close – in Theatre Calgary.

The first of many to come in the the new tc UP CLOSE series, Skylight is the perfect play for theatre lovers, cast, and crew to learn what works and where to improve. 


The audience shares the stage at TC Up Close.

Janaia Hutzal

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