4. Enjoying the Art of Shopping and Entertainment

Starting a business in economic down-times is never easy.  Owner of Lemonceillo Home Luxury Decor, Jennifer Arrowsmith and her husband Ross Arrowsmith know this first-hand.  With three years in during tough economic times, they are ready for the up-turn.

Carrying unique items from around the world – from Europe to small town Alberta – the Arrowsmiths are starting to see a trend of customers asking for  local art.

“We’ve had more requests to bring in local artists and local products – locally made,” said Ross Arrowsmith.


Lemonceilo inglewood
Jennifer Arrowsmith and husband Ross try to fill their store with unique pieces from around the world, as well as locally from around Alberta.

Photo by Janaia Hutzal

The Arrowsmiths try to fill their store with unique pieces that their customers want from around the world.


Inglewood Fine Arts
Inglewood Fine Arts carries work from local Calgary and area artists, as well as from around Canada.

Photo by Janaia Hutzal

In the basement of the property is Inglewood Fine Arts.  Owner Michel Arenseau carries half local art from Calgary and area, and the other half from Canadian artists.

Inglewood holds its own community events encouraging Calgarians to come out, grab a coffee, pizza, or a sausage, as they walk along the streets enjoying the shops.  Or take in live entertainment at the Blues Can Calgary or the Inglewood Stage and Grill.


Inglewood Calgary
The Art and Entertainment of Shopping. Calgarians enjoy the strolls along trendy streets with unique stores and restaurants.

Photo by Janaia Hutzal

The request for local art is an opportunity to be seized by Calgary artists to  create the supply to meet the demand, by asking:

What can I create or produce that Calgarians will want to spend their hard working dollars to enjoy?

More and more eclectic markets are  going up all around the city expanding the opportunity for local artists to get their unique work out there all-season-round.  Some examples are the Calgary Night Market and smaller town markets such The Rustic Charm Market in Cochrane.  

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