7 Seeds Magazine is a more than just a magazine; it is an invitation to experience personal fulfillment in order to cultivate a community of abundance.

In addition to the issues, 7 Seeds Magazine invites you to take in the entirety of a city of culture with focus on each of the seven arts: architecture, dance, poetry, music, painting, performing, and sculpture in YYC: The City of the 7 Arts.

These forms of art also embody: the magnificent outdoors, various forms of movement, literature, sound, photography, sports and of course Calgary and area’s amazing culinary.

7 Seeds maintain’s its distinction with the personal touch of intimate interviews with the people behind – and in front – of the scenes at Seeds of Humanity, which tells the life-altering stories of inspirational humans.

A special added bonus are the weeklong guided journaling opportunities by The Seven Seeds Author Janaia Hutzal in 7 Seeds Workbook.  Each day inspires you to focus in on one of the seven aspects of wellness: spiritual, emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, social and physical.

We invite you to sit back and experience the March/ April 2017 issue of 7 Seeds Magazine focusing on Creativity: