7 Seeds Magazine is an invitation to experience personal fulfillment by discovering and living your essence.  Derived from the book, The Seven Seeds by Janaia Hutzal, where each day focuses on one of the seven aspects of wellness: spiritual, emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, social and physical,  the magazine is an opportunity for further personal growth.

In addition to the issues, 7 Seeds Magazine invites you to take in the entirety of a city of culture with focus on each of the seven arts: architecture, dance, poetry, music, painting, performing, and sculpture in YYC: The City of the 7 Arts.

These forms of art also embody: the magnificent outdoors, various forms of movement, literature, sound, photography, sports and of course Calgary and area’s amazing culinary.

7 Seeds maintain’s its distinction with the personal touch of intimate interviews with Alberta’s amazing humans behind – and in front – of the scenes at Seeds of Humanity.