If you fall, get back up

By the end of our two-hour dinner at the all-you-can-eat Sushi restaurant, Makrina Morozowski, 26, surpassed all expectations of “athlete.”  But, “rock star,” or as her licence plate says, ROXSTR, would also be an accurate description.  Continue reading “REDIRECTION – Physical”

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REDIRECTION – Intellectual

Nothing in common but common ground

If you are looking to embark on the path of post-secondary education with the objectives of instant solidarity in being around others “who are just like you” and ensuring futuristic clarity, you may be disappointed.  Yet, you might also be pleasantly surprised.  Continue reading “REDIRECTION – Intellectual”

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Seven steps to finding ME-MO (my existence as mother and other)

When one’s life resembles a game of tetherball rather than a swinging pendulum, even though one’s notable triumphs are the grandest, the bad days are inevitably just as grandiose. Continue reading “REDIRECTION – Emotional”

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Seven steps to turning rejection into redirection 

Rejection is one of the most difficult experiences a human can face.  But, if we change how we look at rejection, the experience can be turned into a positive new-beginning, instead of another shameful-ending. Continue reading “REDIRECTION – Spiritual”

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One Week of Journaling


Make your resolution in-spirit 

This week is about bringing clarity to your dreams and making solid resolutions that will bring you closer to attaining the impossible, by realizing anything is possible in spirit. As you hold closely to your heart with gratitude your blessings, which are dreams that have already come true, dare to realize all of the possibilities that your life holds. Create a purposeful vision for your future. Understand that by envisioning and clarifying, you are giving your dreams life and are opening yourself to allow spirit to work with you.

So I ask you today, what do you want? What do you want to see transpire in your life one year from now with an understanding that this is a stepping stone to a greater goal or purpose?

Let yourself write with abandon until you come to the true resolution of your heart:

I want: Continue reading “Resolutions”

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