Day 20 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – The Dragon Dance

The year 2000 was the Year of the Dragon. It was also the year my beautiful daughter, Marina Jane, who passed away in 2008, was born. Twenty years. Twenty years goes by faster than we can even imagine doesn’t it? Where were you in the beginning of 2000? Where are you now in 2020? Where will you be in 20 years from now? Flow with with the rises and falls and simply enjoy the dance.

Mindfulness: Today is the day you get to open the letter you wrote yourself at the beginning of this 20-20 Yoga & Meditation. I hope you are inspired. I hope you are loved. I hope you are ready, more than ever, to just be you. I hope you will write yourself another letter and begin this program again, perhaps with your partner, your children, your work or play team or just with you in your jammies.

Movement: Yoga can be a beautiful way to express. The year 2000, the Year of the Dragon and the first time I was introduced to the Dragon Dance was in 2012, also the year of the Dragon. Afterwards, I laid on the ground and cried. Each time I dance this sequence, I know tears are sure to flow as beautifully as the asanas.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Dragon Dance

Since then I have come to realize that everyone does the Dragon Dance a little different, and yet it is much the same; each dance is graceful, beautiful, sad and joyful all at the same time. I wish you that beauty and grace through all of your joys and sorrows today, tomorrow and every day to come. Life is short, you might as well enjoy the dance.

Meditation: Remember the past and visualize the future. And then be sure to dance today.

More: If you or your team would like to book Janaia to speak at your next event or if would like assistance putting together an individualized program of Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation, you can contact her on her main website.

With the most gratitude anyone could ever offer, the light in my soul sees, appreciates and loves the light in your soul. Live your best life today. Namaste.

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Day 19 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Pros and Cons

Life is a dance of rises, falls, twirls and swirls so let it be uniquely and beautifully you. Today there is no yoga and meditation video from me because you are going to create your own dance!

The whole point of doing this 20 days is for you to create and become: your life, your words, your work, your moves and your dance of life.  It is to be able to take what you love to do and how you like to move and intentionally become who you are meant to be; to be able to apply what you have mindfully, moved through and meditated on and create it in your daily life. I hope you are naturally more mindful of yourself and your surroundings, able to do yoga everywhere and meditate anytime to become aligned with yourself, your spirit, others and the world around you. 

One last tool that I use as a quick way to make decisions or trouble shoot a situation is PROS and CONS. My way is very different from the old pro-con-way.

Mindfulness: Bring to mind one area of your life life that is going well. What is one word that begins with PRO that can help you improve this area or that you would use to describe why it is going well? Some examples are PROficient, PROductive, PROactive, PROfessional, PROmising, PROmotion, PROtect, PROud, PROve, PROvide. Write this down.

Now, what is one world that begins with CON that you can apply to help you improve this area or that describes why this area is going well? Examples: CONstructive, CONsiderate, CONsistency, CONtrolled, CONfidence, CONsole, CONsult, CONtinue, CONform, CONsider.

If you would like more ideas, simply just google “words that begin with PRO” and then “words that begin with CON.”

Now, bring to mind a situation or area that is not working well or is lacking direction. Apply those same words. It’s quite magical to see how much our lives are like an ecosystem and how each aspect of our lives is intertwined. What you feed one and what you need in one is always what you are feeding and needing in another. You can do this the opposite way and choose your PRO and CON words for the aspect that is not going well and start applying this to every area of your life. Again you will see the magic as you create alignment and energy of this same word and how your entire life conspires for you to succeed.

As one who lives with PTSD and constantly dealing with tiggers, often unknown, I know that living with intention and fully understanding that my life is an ecosystem has been very important. I believe we all can live more peaceful, joyful and productive when we take the time to unravel and sort out our aspects and emotions and then intentionally choose positive change.

Movement: Tomorrow I will share with you a dance with flowing postures called the Dragon Dance, which is my unravelling of mind, body soul. Today I would like you to create your own dance using your favourite yoga moves. This might be feet up the wall for 20 minutes or your version of Dancing Warrior.

With your PRO-word and CON-word in front of you, written down, and each of your own SEVEN SEEDS FOR SUCCESS written down, think of one area of your life where you feel fulfilled and one area that you would like to improve or that you are carrying a lot of emotion and would like to release. Using your PRO and CON words, base your dance on that rise from fall and begin to visualize up and downward movements. Now, consider the last seven days and choose one movement for each SEED FOR SUCCESS based on your favourite postures and put them together and create your own dance. Put on your favourite music of any genre and just move, just dance. No one is watching you so just be you and do you. If you struggle with this, you can always turn on your your favourite class from the past 18 days. Or you can lie down in Shavasana and simply visualize a dance for your life with a smile on your face.

Meditation: Set your alarm for 20 minutes and sit in a comfortable position in silence and breathe gratitude for your perfect little ecosystem.

More: With all of your SEVEN SEEDS FOR SUCCESS and your PROS and CONS written out in front of you, gather some old magazines, a poster paper, glue and scissors and create a vision board. I used a canvas for mine (in the photo above and then glazed it afterwards). You can also write you words and phrases on this board if you wish so that you have them where you can read them. If you have friends who have done this journey with you, invite them to join you!

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Day 18 – 20-20 Yoga and Meditation – Ground with Gratitude – Seed #7


Always remember to ground with gratitude with each successful landing by planting your feet, growing roots and most importantly sharing your new seeds as you shout, “Thank you for allowing me to belong.”  And then, prepare to step, leap or jump once again. 

Love’s companion is loyalty and both are grounded in gratitude. Live fearlessly with love and in loyalty.

Seed #7 Ground With Gratitude

Mindfulness: If you ever feel you do not belong, it is a signal to find gratitude. The ultimate measure of success is one’s level of gratitude for everything from the ground we walk on to the beauty that surrounds us to those who offered us opportunity along the way or walked by our side. Acknowledging with gratitude is like adding tools to your toolbox. What are you grateful for today? Who gave you a chance?

Take time each day to ground and feel your connection and your belonging to your community and to this amazing earth. Once you succeed and reach your goal it will never be a full success until there is gratitude. Show your gratitude by grounding and planting roots and seeds of your success.

Movement: Physical – Root Chakra Asana

Meditation: Be moved by nature and connect with this earth with gratitude.

More: Seed #7 Ground with Gratitude. Be fearless because you belong. Ground your feet, grow your roots and share you seeds of success.

More Seeds for Success with Mindfulness, Movement and Mediation

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Day 17 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Seed #6 – Know Your V-Code

I AM HERE TO FEEL – and it is through feeling that we create.

This chakra is not only our sacral chakra, it is sacred. This powerful seed goes one step beyond “doing” or “acting” because it involves relationships with others, and when we involve others we automatically create. This is your connection to desire and to others from the deepest part of yourself. So much of today’s seed can be paralleled with migrating birds who fly in a V formation; this why this seeds is: Know your V-Code.   

A V-Code is a sacred contract with yourself for yourself and for others. It is a guideline for yourself that defines your boundaries so that you can let go and feel desire and passion, in this honouring your feelings, yet not necessarily act on your feelings. There is such wisdom in our sacral chakra and it needs to be heard – and it needs to be tamed. Your V-Code is not about building brick walls, but drawing definite lines in the sand that are meant not to be crossed without much consideration. It is a commitment to take care of you and your tribe.  

The freedom to feel is the greatest gift.  And our next gift is to develop self-control and make conscious creations. This is the best gift we can give this world today – and generations to come.

Because we are now creating and involving others we need to define how far we will go to please or disappoint, to be right or to be happy, in order to fulfill our own desires.  I firmly believe in win-win-win and this is what this code must take into consideration. It a promise to always look for the three-way win in every circumstance.  Even though many contracts involve only two parties, there is always a third that is also being affected.  Be aware of this: of who and how your agreements affect, because of what is created.  

Seed #6 Know Your V-Code

Mindfulness: Asteya means non-stealing.  Do not steal from yourself, which could mean wasted energy or opportunity. Do not steal from others, which could mean taking what is not yours, over-controlling situations or “over-helping,” which results in another not gaining the life experiences for growth or development. And it is not stealing, wasting or taking more that you need from the earth.

Asteya asks that we have faith so that we all can have freedom.  It asks that we uphold personal boundaries and that we revere the boundaries of others.  We don’t always know the greater reason for occurrences or circumstances, so it is taking a step back and allowing others to have a complete journey, just as you have your own.  

If you or a situation is not flowing and there is much resistance, something has to let go because that is not the way life should be.  Perhaps you need to let someone else lead for a while and take your position at the back of the pack.  And while you are there, re-energize and learn from those in front of you so that when the day comes for you to lead again, you have the skills and the vigour to do so.  Trying to lead when you are lacking the energy is stealing from the entire team.  

Movement: Social – Sacral Chakra Asana

Meditation: Life is not easy, so be sure to take time to restore so that you can face the challenges. Spending time in meditative stillness and silence prepares you for the ebbs and flows of life.

More: Seed #5: Write out your V-code which will allow you the freedom to fully feel desire, passion, anger even rage – and yet what is created, the end result, will be lifting up or allowing yourself be lifted for the preservation of energy, for efficiency and for the ultimate reward because you have limits and boundaries. Know your boundaries and lines in the sand so you know when it is time to let the weakest link break away or when they just need some reinforcement. Allow yourself to fully feel, while remaining consistent and without the expense of creating something you don’t really want.

Example: Love and Loyalty go hand in hand. Remain loyal to what you love and to whom you love. Act lovingly to what you are loyal to and to whom you are loyal to. Let this form the foundation of your V.

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Day 16 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Shine Without Shame – Seed #5


They say that humans can make up to 35,000 choices in a day. That means that we have 35,000 opportunities to shine or shame. Shame is defined as, “a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behaviour.”

And yet, we are here on earth to act and do – we are made to act and do. So why do we carry so much shame? Perhaps it is because of the constant bombardment from the media and the outside world, which creates a lack of listening to our inner wisdom and voice, leaving us with a feeling of discontent out of fear of making the wrong choice, so we hang on. We get pulled in by advertising and then we are shamed with opposing advertising. Success requires us to ingest, process, absorb and then let shit go with confidence and relief.

Mindfulness: The goal is for you to shine in every way you possibly can without shame. This means that your light shines not only enough for you to clearly see what is right and that it can also become a beacon for others. What gives you that painful feeling of shame and what can you do to stop feeling this? It may have become a habit to feel shame, so perhaps the change needs to be made in self-acceptance and your level of perfectionism. Perhaps it is time to accept that you just might step out of line once or twice out of 35, 000 and give yourself some grace. On the other hand, we can blame our pasts only so much until it is time to realize that we are the only ones in control of how we act. One’s ego can be very high maintenance, which can be very expensive emotionally, physically and monetarily. This is what feeds the shadow we call shame. What are you doing that is feeding shame? Whatever it is, in order for you to truly succeed and to shine, let it go.

Shining a bright inner light also requires us to be brave; brave enough to do what is right – and right is the key word  because what is right?  Right is the choice that aligns your mind, your eyes and intuition, your voice, your heart your gut intelligence.  Shining without shame may involve disappointing another or others; therefore, you must be brave and confident enough in your own light to let another down or even to look like a failure or a fool at times because you know that you have not failed, and that eventually this choice will become a beacon of light for others when you lights shines brighter than ever.

You have to be able to breathe in and breathe out without pain – fire needs air. Shame is defined as a painful feeling, and anyone who lives with it knows this. Go back to each one of the seeds and ask yourself what you need to do to truly obtain success and to shine with purity and grace.  

Our solar plexus is where many of our sympathetic nervous system nerve endings come together to tell us if we should fight, fight or freeze. If you are living in pain in this area your body cannot function properly. Make a promise to your entire body and being that when you feel pain in this area you will step back and re-evaluate. This is our brain-gut connection. Your gut trusts your brain and your brain trusts your gut and this knowledge is where power comes from.

Movement: If your physical core needs strengthening, begin with strengthening your emotional and mental core.

Meditation: If we are really to make conscious choices that lead us to shine without shame, we must make them with our mind and Our gut intelligence – that place that really tells us right from wrong, whatever that may be for you. Remove all of the other voices and listen to you. The best way to tap into this inner wisdom is through daily meditation.

More: Seed 5: Shine without Shame for freedom and resilience.

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Day 15 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditaton – Give to Receive – Seed #4


In order to take a full breath in, you have to let go and breathe out. What you desire or want might be right in front of you but if your hands are full, you cannot receive. One way or another create space so that you can receive. This can be done by giving or perhaps by simply releasing or letting go.

Seed #4 Give to Receive

The shadow of love is grief. They say that we are living until a certain age and then we spend the rest of our life dying. I believe that our first experience with grief, which comes in many different forms is part of this. Grief takes away our innocence and brings in a darkness of fear or the reality of a hurt so deep that it can scar us forever – and take away our breath. Breath is life. Without it, there is not life. Oxygen is the source of vitality that we need, and if you ask anyone who has felt deep grief they will tell you that during those moment you barely breathe, the breath is shallow. When you experience any type of grief or when you are in the heaviness or darkness of it, continue to surround yourself with love and continue to breathe deep, and eventually the light will shine in again.

Let this realization give you the grace to love others as well because you do not know what one is grieving at any given time. Be the source of love and life for others and, in return, life will be sourced to you.  Define what love is to you and use those words as a guide as to how you will live because when your shadow is heavy, you too will need each of those words to continue to breathe and to live – and LOVE.

Mindfulness: Because you are here to love, you must do what you love.  That is the bottom line. You are the only one who knows what this is and it is unique to you.  If you are not doing what you love in some way or creating love in some way, you will struggle to be any of those words that you chose to describe love. If you are struggling with what you should be doing, ask yourself what you would do if your cosmic purpose, your dharma, was done and you were only here to enjoy life with loving fearlessness and to create as much love as you can. What would you do? Start giving that; start receiving that; become that.

Movement: Occupational – Heart Chakra – Lead with the Heart

Meditation: Today’s meditation we will walk along the beach. Take 7 deep breaths fully in and fully out and with each one say LOVE IS… And then ask yourself if what you are creating and embarking on involve those words, if not, how can you create space for more of what you LOVE? 

More: Seed #4: Give what you want to receive.  Receive what you want to become.  Become what you want to give.  What will you let go of today to create space to receive? Write seven descriptions of what love is and give that each day.  

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Day 14 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Walk Your Talk – Seed #3


Everyone needs to be heard and validated. Respect is a key word to fulfilling this – and respect is earned. Whatever your goal is, show respect for yourself and others by becoming whatever it is you are selling; whether that is love, an idea or a an electronic device, walk your talk with impeccability and truth.

Communication is sending and receiving messages.  How you communicate your message and receive validation that you were heard, and how you validate that another was heard, shows your level of knowledge and dependability; and it sets the bar to the level of respect in whatever relationship it is. It becomes the constant echo that surrounds the relationship and the environment. Listen to that, listen to the feedback and the response, and listen to yourself.  Set your stage and the environment in which your goal will be attained by walking your talk.

Seed #3 Walk Your Talk

First impressions are often thought of as physical, but what is never forgotten is sound.  Sound creates a feeling – think of music. Similar to the echo of your surroundings, the vibrational sound of your voice and how you communicate portrays your level of passion, truth, sincerity, and most of all, it shows how much you care.  The sureness and truthfulness of your voice should ward off any enemies or help you rise above the elements or obstacles that come your way. It also gives you permission to expect equal respect and trust from your companions on the journey.

Mindfulness: Notice what is surrounding you, including the echo from your own words and what is being said and how you feel in the place you are in.  What is the feeling? What do you want it to feel like? Speak that with clarity. How will you become a respected leader by living and becoming the example or the model of what you create? What does your throat and neck area feel like? Stress is often held in our throat and neck and this can indicate that one is not being heard. What will you do today to gain the sense of freedom that comes by releasing your throat and use your voice? What do you want to say and how will you measure or be validated that you were heard. What measure will you take to validate others?

Movement: Environmental – Throat Chakra

Meditation: Ujjayi Pranayama is a breathing technique that helps bring a sense of calmness to the mind and body. Ujjayi can be used during yoga or meditation by breathing out through your nose with a slightly contracted throat.

SATYA is TRUTHFULNESS and is is truth that will set you free; there is nothing that represents freedom more than speech. Sounds are not forgotten, words are not forgotten and they hold immense power. For example:  Dr. Stephen Hawking maybe did not speak in the last stage of his life, but there was a sound that everyone who ever heard him will remember.

This takes us back to Seed #1, which is your need to succeed. You have to know and communicate what you need before you can ask to be validated by another. Think, say and do what you need and truly desire to create true alignment.

More: Seed #3: Walk your talk of impeccability and truth through your words and actions. Become what you say and say what you want to become. Offer and receive validation for the ultimate sense of freedom. Choose your words carefully, with clarity and with a positive end result in mind. If you can’t say it with respectful freedom and you are not being heard, you shouldn’t be in the situation or environment.

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Day 13 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Know Your Personal Philosophy – Seed #2


I was excited for today because I know for sure that the very word you chose yesterday has already began to manifest in various ways in your life.  Perhaps you are looking for it, which is great, but because you asked for it, trust that it is and will continue to be provided.  

On this journey to your goal and when arrive, you are going to see many things. And what you see changes your vision. You will have to use, not only our eyes, but your intuition in order to stay on track. We already know the quote by ANAÏS NIN, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  This affects how we see things emotionally and mentally, with our physical sight and it also effects our dreams and imagination.

We are going to experience times where we have decisions to make and we seek reassurance. This is why it is important to have a personal philosophy.  Your personal philosophy is taking what you believe and have always believed to be important in order to maintain your integrity and not lose sight of your vision.  

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Day 12 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Need to Succeed – Seed #1


Up until now, the goal has been to try and expand your way of thinking from past beliefs that were maybe “within the box,” and instead go back to what you have always known “within your soul,” so that you can live your greatest and most authentic life with the success you deserve.  With this new sense of pureness of thought and confidence in yourself, I hope you will stay out of that box in order to remain uniquely you as you continue to create momentum towards your own goals and dreams.  The world needs your unique gift and your creation – I know this without a doubt. And this gift is what you know and what you seek to understand more of – and this is what you will be called to teach.

Start to visualize your endgame, your ending or your legacy that will live on way past your own life.  What do you really want to leave behind?  How do you want to be remembered?  Even if this is monetary, what do you hope each dollar left will offer those who are coming behind you? This will help you as you embark on this part of your journey, knowing that what you choose to do today will be part of the greater plan.

Seed #1 Your Need To Succeed

Mindfulness: No matter what your final goal or your immediate goal is, the ultimate reward that comes with achievement is always a feeling. This feeling is also what you need to succeed. Choose one word that is necessary for you to be at your best, to work your best and be most efficient, the word that will be your rope to get to the other side and what will be there when you arrive. What is the belief behind this need? This is also what you will more fully understand, what you will teach and it is what will live on, long after you are gone.

Example words: Peace, love, secure, respect, hope, enlightenment, wisdom, trust, protected, accomplished, complete, stability, faith, trust or connection. 

Is there a phrase behind this word that holds a belief? Example phrases: Everything we need to heal and prosper has been provided; therefore, I need to feel faithful to succeed or I need to feel connected to succeed or hope.  Another one: I know there is a greater purpose to my efforts, which is why I need to feel love in order to succeed or clarity for success.

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Day 11 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – The Next Step

Mindfulness: Life’s compass usually points us in the direction to avoiding what has brought harm or sadness. But where does your happy compass point? To bring clarity to your authentic, joyful self, please join me today in this very profound 20-20-20 practice: The Next Step. Today’s journaling can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Next Step to Happiness is…

Movement: Today’s 20-20 begins with a meditation that will take you to a place in your past where you felt genuinely happy. At this half-way point, and now that our bodies are open and aligned, some of our 20-20 practices will begin with mediation. I also recommend journaling starting today, if you have not already.

Beginning our 20-20 with meditation often inspires our yoga practice to take on an even greater force as our bodies are inspired to open deeper through intention; thus, allowing the light or the flame of happiness that is ignited through our meditation flow in. At the end of the practice there will be an extra 20 minutes to focus on your next steps. You can choose to do this as a mediation or you can journal – or you can do both. Please see journaling below in More.

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