Today, December 14, 2020, mind and matter dance in alignment when the moon crosses in front of the sun, creating a shadow over the earth. Let this be an opportunity for you to think about removing your own shadows and exercise your right to know, to see, to speak, to love, to act, to feel and to belong.

Today is the final eclipse of 2020: the year of great divide. Not only is there a division on a global level, but this division resides within neighbourhoods, families, homes and, even more concerning, within individual hearts and minds. The same hearts and minds battling with the distinction between living and being alive.

It is the first year in history where babies are born into the world unable to respond to the smiles of parents, let alone strangers, with only a wave of a distant arm belonging to weary, fearful eyes peering out above faces covered with masks of black and white.  Their development is sacrificed by the limited, yet proven, effect of touch, as they live without the snuggles and belly kisses of grandparents and extended family members.  Before toddlers can even walk, they are exposed to a regular dose of alcohol rubbed on their tiny hands by their own parents.  Our elderly are dying with no familiar hand to hold for comfort, after a lifetime of holding and helping up, trusted shakes and encouraging pats.  Those who were born around the beginning of the new millennium are now deprived of the formerly instilled importance of education; a system that has been replaced by a news media, where mockery has substituted medium. 

The talk is about resetting for equality, yet it is inequality that is being fostered; especially for those who do not have jobs that can be performed on laptops, those who cannot afford the luxury of quiet spaces to call their own to study or the worst disparity of all, those who live in homes where safety does not reside.  All, in itself, creating a world of further separation and loss of hope.  

The inability to find belonging in the greater community, to share peaceful space with strangers in meditation or congregate for a united purpose robs us of our most basic rights as human beings.  We are now forced to fight alone against our government, ruled by wealth, that has replaced our God.  

Everyone knows that a pack of dogs is more threatening than one alone. 

Our young adults should be packing their backpacks and setting out to see the world, to meet new friends in foreign lands, together encountering the true adventures of being alive.  They have been stripped of the opportunity to find common ground with those they thought they had nothing in common with; thus, leaving an even greater gap of acceptance through a lack of personal understanding of diversities and culture.  We seem to have become accustomed to children dying of overdose, depression and the diseases of yesterday – they are no longer making it to the headlines. And the forsaken mothers with no title are left to grieve alone. 

Every mother on earth responded with rage when George Floyd was murdered in front of the entire world, who watched as he took his last breath after calling for his own mother saying, “I can’t breathe.” 

The heart cannot beat strong when the masked breath has become as shallow as our lives.  The world chants as one, “black lives matter,” and yet, no individual life matters when there is an increase in loss of connection, freedom and equality.  

The word matter is derived from the Latin word mater, which translates to Mother.  Knowledge is not the forbidden evil, only the attachment to it. The dance of mind and matter.

Together we cry out for our Great Mother, whose love is the most tender and merciful of all. It is the pia, the softness and the most nurturing.  But, this should never be mistake for weakness.   

Today, when mind and matter are finished their dance and the shadow over the earth is removed, remove your own shadows of attachment, delusion, lies, grief, shame, guilt and fear and take back your personal power to become the change that the world needs. This too shall pass and, once it does, you still won’t live forever on earth, but you just might be alive while you are here.

You Are Once in a Blue Moon

Cherub in the Sky on October 2020 Blue Moon

Every once in a Blue Moon we are offered the opportunity to reset – to release what needs to be released and forgive what needs to be forgiven.  This may be another, our world, the universe, God – or perhaps yourself. 

This year we will been blessed with thirteen full moons; thirteen opportunities to find a greater depth and fullness of gratitude for our lives, for the honour of being alive.  Thirteen opportunities to consider how we are living and what energy and legacy we are creating, because of what we have done.  

This week is not only a full moon, it is a Blue Moon, it also occurred on Halloween; the day, it is said that the veil or glass between the living and the dead is the thinnest.  A time for us to celebrate our ancestors and those who have come and gone before us.  

The phrase “once in a blue moon” means a rare occurrence – and this is now.  Similar to what we often call “a perfect storm” or when ”the stars align.”  When we look back on relationships, jobs or other opportunities that have crossed our paths and wonder why they did not work out, perhaps is because everything just wasn’t yet perfectly in place.  It does not mean we should not have had that experience or that we should have regrets, we should find gratitude and acceptance with the knowing that what is to come will be better than ever: when the stars align, there is the perfect storm or, just maybe, a once in a blue moon.

Just like when you were born.  Imagine all that had to be aligned so that YOU could arrive.  Every piece of past and present atoms, energies and emotions at the time you were conceived and born were perfect for your life to begin and these all have continued to grow with you, behind you, in front and within you, for you to manifest your purpose.  It really is a privilege just to be here.  You are a once in a blue moon, you are a perfect storm and the aligned stars. 

We create through our unique talents and personalities, through our emotions and words and wisdom and the energy that is produced by each thought and each physical creation.  We then leave what we create behind – for the next moment, the next person and the next generations to come.  

And, in the end, it does not matter what you said you were going to do, it only matters what you have done.

How we start our day often dictates how our day goes and is also how we end our day.  And how we end our day dictates our dreams, our sleep and how we begin our day.  Let this day be your new beginning, end and middle of how you really want to live your life and what legacy you want to leave behind.  

If it is true that how we do one thing, we do everything, how will you choose to live starting today? Release.  Forgive.  Reset.  

Seven Natural Remedies For – and Before – Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season has arrived, and with that comes the runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and worst of it all, the dreaded body aches. 

Did you know that when you are inflicted by a virus, your white blood cells rush to attack that virus, leaving your body unable to fend off inflammation?  The level of pain you experience could be an indication of the amount of inflammation that your body is fighting on a daily basis, which could also be an indication of some lifestyle changes that are calling.  Below are seven remedies that can be used not only during and illness, but also before it strikes.

Help your cold and flu recovery with this 20 minute yoga and 20 minute meditation.
  • Fluids – Say yes to chicken soup, and be sure to add turmeric, ginger, carrot and celery.  You can also juice those four ingredients together and skip the soup. The combination is full of essential, disease-fighting nutrients, as well as is anti-inflammatory.  If you need a little sweetener, studies have shown that honey really can be effective, especially for children. So the honey-lemon tea, like Grandma used to make, is still a good idea. Electrolyte drinks are also a good choice if for any reason dehydration is a concern. When choosing, look for ones that have the least amount of sugar and most vitamin C.  The little packets full of nutrients can be added to a water bottle anytime.  Do your part in keeping your cells fed and hydrated so that they can work optimally in keeping you healthy.  
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Reflexology Offers Empowerment

At first one may wonder how it can be. And yet, really, how can it not?

Think outside of the box –  Joan Cosway-Hayes on October 15, 2018 in Cochrane, Alberta

In her book, Reflexology For Every Body, she describes reflexology as applying pressure to points on the hands, feet or ears, which sends messages to the corresponding body parts.  The parts then begin to let go of excess tension, blood flows in, wastes are removed and circulation is normalized.  “The body begins to heal itself.”

“Your feet are like opening a book, they tell about your life and everything that has happened to you,” explains 64-year-old Cosway-Hayes, who resides in Cochrane, Alberta.

As the story is told connections are made and normalizing takes place.  From emotions to physical injuries “it all comes out.”  As clients observe their own body during a session, some describe a sensation on their foot, while others tell of sensations directly in the corresponding part of the body.

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Discover Your Purpose QUIZ

Take this QUIZ to help lead you to your purpose in your occupational aspect of wellness.  Choose one word for each of the following questions.  Be honest, be dynamic and dreamy!

  1. What is important for you to be physically or for your physical aspect of wellness?
  2. What do you want for your relationships or out of your social aspect of wellness?    
  3. What do you hope your intelligence says about you or your wisdom, for your intellectual aspect of wellness?  
  4. What do you want out of your life’s work – your occupational aspect of wellness?  
  5. What do you need to be surrounded by to be your best, which is environmental aspect of wellness?  
  6. What do you really want to feel in your overall emotional aspect of wellness? 
  7. What is your essence?  What word did you choose as a prayer or intention for your spiritual aspect of wellness?  or Discover your essence.

Use your own words to fill in the blanks.  You may need to add or change a suffix to make the sentences lucid.

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Discover Your Essence

Essence is the flavour of the juice that is squeezed from the fruit.  It was who you were at birth, who you are now and who you will become.  It is also what you require to thrive in life.  

Take a moment to envision yourself on your dream vacation.  You are fit, healthy and fully alive.  You have not a single worry at home, everything is taken care of.  The vacation is fully paid for, you have unlimited money to do anything you want, and you can stay as long as you want.  Picture where you would be and what you would be doing. Who is with you?  What surrounds you?  Imagine what it feels like to have accomplished what you have to get to where you are without any fears or burdens – in this perfect moment.  

You have also been given an amazing gift of knowledge and understanding of all.  And yet, you are completely unattached to any of it.  The thoughts and realizations pass through you like a warm breeze and make you smile because of the absolute, yet simple perfection.

As all of this knowing flows in and around you, you also have an understanding of who you are.  You realize your essence.  It is what is inside of you that has sustained you and provided you with the inspiration to grow.  

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The Seven Chakras – Body, Mind, Soul Connection

This section may serve as a week of readings or simply as a reference. The intention is to present the basics of the chakras—the connection between our physical bodies and our emotional and spiritual selves.

My hope is that you come away with an understanding of the importance of remaining open to allow for a steady flow in each area of the body for overall optimum health and wellness. I am going to refer only to the seven main chakras in the body. To keep it simple, the basic chakra colours are the same as the seven colours of the rainbow.

It is common to feel strange emotions after an opening or a release in a chakra. It may be a sense of overwhelming peace, joy, or even sadness or anger. It means you may have experienced a release in your physical body and is an indicator of where to look for further balance or healing. So, please give yourself grace as you journey towards true healing. Also note that chakras flow up and down from one to the other. Therefore, if you do have a release in a chakra that has been blocked, the chakras connected to it are going to feel the flood like a dam that has burst, and they too will then call for you to steady the flow.

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A New Place and Thyme

There are many ways to reach or attain a goal, choosing the path that will bring you the most joy in the process is what true living is all about. If the end result is going to be the same, it is in how you get there that will really count. So decide what seeds you are going to plant by visualizing your endgame, be sure what you are planting can withstand your potential elements and know that when they do fully bloom you may be in a new place and time (or in my case thyme) – and live.

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Lead the Exchange

The world is constantly giving and receiving. Oxygen, as we know, is an essential component of life for cellular respiration, without which we could not survive. Plants supply us with oxygen while we supply plants with carbon dioxide. The perfect exchange.  Picture what happens when one is not providing its share. Now let that lead you to redirect your wind, your day – your position at work – as you strive to lead for a perfect exchange through respect.

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