Time To Reflect

We have arrived! I am so excited that you are joining me for this 20 days of transformation. I will be joining you and look forward to hearing from you either via email or on Facebook or Instagram. This is an example of how each day will unfold with Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation. There will also be a YouTube video embedded each day with the day’s yoga and meditation. I hope you will share this link or practice each day with your friends and family or your team so that they too can join in on the 20 day transformation and you can all grow together: http://www.7seedsmagazine.ca/category/20-20-yoga-meditation-for-transformation/.

Mindfulness: Have you ever heard the parable of the men who were moving to a new village? Each one went to a wiseman to ask if he would be happy in his hew place. The wiseman asked the first man if he was happy in the village he lived in now. The man’s response was that he was not happy and the people were terrible. The wiseman told him he would not be happy in his new village. The second man was asked the same question and his response was that he was very happy in his old village and that the people were wonderful and he had many friends. The wiseman told him he would be very happy in his new village.

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Bringing Simplicity Back – Thank You Dixie

It is not possible to get to mid-life and not have experienced some sort of trauma; whether that be physical, emotional or mental. That is what makes us perfectly human. Exercise is proven to be medicinal for healing, but some disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – or a recovery of any kind, often requires times of less intensity and more gentleness.

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Sample Day – 20-20 Yoga and Meditation – Dancing Warrior

Sample Day: Humble Warrior

On the path towards our dreams sometimes we must reconnect. The word stray is a significant word on this journey to our dreams. One of its synonyms is isolate, which is very telling as to what happens when we are lost in life. When one has wandered too far in a wrong direction there is a loss of connection with one’s self, others and the Universe – with God. Isolation leaves us vulnerable to become preyed upon and fall victim. And it can occur in any aspect of wellness.

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