I Love You… More Than Words 

These above words are the words I wrote to my children as my dedication for the book The Seven Seeds.  I wrote these words because I know that love requires more than words and sometimes the most love comes from those who can’t even talk.

Once you know the other’s needs it is one thing to write the words or say the words, but it is another to live those words. It is not that your loved ones do not want to hear the words, but that they need to see the actions to feel the truth in the words.

Each time you speak the words, “I love you,” pay attention to your own body language and physical sensations, and notice the other’s physical reaction, and let this impact how you really show your love – in ways more than words.

Sentences to finish alone or with your loved ones:

For me to truly feel that I am loved by another, I need: 

The virtue I value most is: 

These are similar by:

In order to receive more of this virtue, I know I need to clearly express:

In order to show this virtue, I need to: 

When my need and my most valued virtue are not being obliged, I know the relationship will be strained; therefore, I will immediately address this by: 

If there were no word for LOVE, I would have to show that it is real by:


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