Love is the spiritual entity that resides in us and constantly searches to connect to others and the world around us, even when we are focused on our grocery list, showing up on time for soccer practice, or trying to find the energy to finish our project at work. Even if doing all these daily tasks in the midst of illness, despair, exhaustion, grief, disappointment or betrayal, our souls continually seek love because it is the true safe haven from where we were created. Just as we seek food and water when hungry and thirsty, we seek love to fill our need for the familiarity of Home.

In the beginning, we all knew love without fear. The key is to let go of the fear that love will somehow be taken from or make us weak, and instead accept love as the gift or reward of life. Even when there is a loss of a life or a relationship, there is still love.

The existence of love resembles the ocean; although its waves may crash, carry and shift, it remains and always is the ocean. Though it might be rough at times, the powerful waves of love that move through you and in you are only unearthing what is already there.

Can you recall the instant you knew you had fallen in love with someone; the moment before there was any doubt, before the words were spoken? Or, the first time you held your child and your heart expanded in a way you never thought was possible. Those moments touched the centre of your soul, when for just a still moment, you were lost and found, it was a beginning and the end.

In that moment, there is no choice but to love. In the next, the choice is yours. Do you say yes to love and continue to remain open? Or do you begin to fear and allow your heart to close? Remaining open does leave you vulnerable, yet it is the only way to fully experience life to the fullest and explore true, eternal, romantic or maternal/paternal love. In choosing love, you are able to keep it alive and moving, unearthing the greatest of unknowns that will eventually settle, once again.

Every single experience in our lives is a calling for us to find, feel, and choose love, which is choosing our higher power more fully. This does not mean we remain in unhealthy relationships, jobs or other circumstances, but it does mean that we do it with the intention of love.

I hope today you realize that you have a choice in love, and you realize your spirit’s desire to allow love in, providing nourishment for your soul. 

Can you think of a time in your life when your soul felt bared and vulnerable and you knew you had the choice to either remain open or close your heart to love?

Will you make a decision today to start allowing love into your life more freely without fear?

Please finish the following sentences.

I know that I close my heart to love when: 

When I shut myself off from love, I feel:  

I would like to nourish my heart and soul with love because: 

Home is where my heart is, and this love is where my heart longs to live. In order to feel this, I know I need: 

Today, I choose love. I will show this by: 

I will know I have found my true place of home when: 


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