Remove the Blockages of Love 

One of the most basic, yet often the most difficult requirements of love, is allowing each other to be free. To act and do with freedom is a necessity of life and love.

When people are asked if they had to choose between money, love or freedom; which they would they choose, freedom is often the answer. Why? Because without freedom money does not matter and love is not possible.

If you are feeling constricted in love ask yourself if the blockage is in your mind or your heart. And then work towards removing this. Eventually, you will be led to the core of the constriction, which usually stems from a fear that is created by expectation – one that might require your ego to let go of, or it is legitimate and needs to be addressed.

Will you allow yourself to soften; to release and let go of rigid expectations of what love should be, or how another should act in love, and allow love find its own way? If a relationship is not meant to be or is not what you had hoped or expected, it does not have to be the demise of love; love can remain, just in an altered form. Today, I hope you realize that irrationality can form in your thoughts and emotions when we try to control love – not allowing it to freely flow.

Try to remove the ego’s influence of fear on your mind and heart to unblock the flow of love, which will create genuine love through freedom. 

True love holds a sincere desire to see another become an individual, liberated work of art. What does your partner need you to let go of that you are holding too tightly, to be his/her best in love? What do you need today to feel this same sense of freedom in order to become your best in love?

The fear that is blocking my potential for the greatest of loves is: 

In the past, when I let down my guard, I was hurt when: 

The part I played to create or allow this was: 

I dishonoured myself by: 

Which created: 

In the past, when I have let down my guard, I was shown unconditional love by: 

To help create this I: 

This taught me: 

When there is doubt or fear in my heart or mind, I know I need to:

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