Surround Yourself with Love 

Now that we know love exists, today I hope you find ways to make it more apparent in your surroundings.

Picture yourself wearing a t-shirt, or putting up a sign at the entrance of your home that says, “Love Lives Here.” That is what I hope you start showing today. Create the feeling or ambiance in your heart and home that love is alive and well – because it is. Displaying it might even change the way you respond at times. It also might prevent you from giving someone the bird if you had it written on your vehicle!

The hope is that by surrounding yourself with loving images, songs, or words, you will be reminded, daily of the importance of creating and recreating love in your life, so that it becomes evident in all that you do. In this, you become love.

Walk, breathe, and show love in all that you do. 

If love was what exuded from your heart and home, what would it look like? What would it feel like? What will you do today to create this image of love in your surroundings? 

Please list three things you will start doing today to bring the feeling of love into your heart and home. Some examples are through music or art, the words you choose to speak, or how you speak them. I actually wrote on a chalkboard at the front entrance of my home “Love Lives Here.”


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