First, Do No Harm 

Responding with love, in whatever you are doing today, is the surest way to do no harm. If this medical code of ethics was humanity’s code of ethics, imagine what a wonderful world it would be.

It is each person’s responsibility to care for his fellow man by ensuring an abundance of the necessities of life such as food, water, clothing, shelter… and LOVE. I also believe it is also each person’s responsibility to be working at the job they LOVE. It will be your most natural and aligned state and where you have the most energy to give and receive. You will also be doing something you believe in and is authentically YOU.

Alignment = Energy + Joy.

This doesn’t mean every single day, and it doesn’t mean you are not going to have to work hard, but it should not be work “harm,” where you are doing it at the expense of your entire health and wellbeing. It also doesn’t mean that you will remain at that same job forever, but it does mean that while you are there, the fulfillment is so great that you know you are exactly where you are meant to be. If you love your work today, when it is time to make a change, there will be no doubt in your mind when you find that same feeling again.

Whatever gifts you have to give, be sure you are offering it with LOVE – and LOVE is sure to be returned.

Try today to be more compassionate in your work, to yourself and to others, by showing small gestures of kindness to everyone around you. It is through these little things that YOU can make the biggest changes in yourself and in the world. 

How will you show loving kindness today? How will this help remind yourself, in each decision you have to make, to first do no harm? 

Please finish the sentences.

When I get overly busy and focused on my own life and timeline, it is easy to forget: 

Life is short. Putting this reality into perspective is a reminder or a calling for me to:

It is my obligation to be kind and to do the loving thing, this includes myself, my partner and my family; therefore, starting today I will: 

If I am doing what I love, I am giving my greatest gift, one thing I will begin doing today to bring more love into my occupational aspect of wellness is:

This will contribute my legacy through planting seeds of: 


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