Peace and hope are the two entities that help you love again.

Peace is found in the awareness that love still exists, even though it may have changed; and hope is found in the desire to keep that love alive, like a fire that needs kindling. Both are on the path to restoring and nurturing love in your life.

If you look at the scars etched deeply on your heart, you will know that you have loved. If you recall how you recovered, where you turned and who was there to help you mend this broken heart, you will instinctively remember what provides you with peace and why you still have hope.

Realizing the depth of past emotions of love and loss is a first step in rediscovering where that similar love exists in your life today. And that is the first step to dismantling the armour and fully loving again. Somehow you understand that you could not have suffered the deep pain of loss or grief had you not also loved just as deeply.

What helped you break through your armour of anger and numbness after a loss?

Can you recall how letting down your defences was the first step toward restoring peace, and surrendering to this peaceful space was your first sign of hope?

Please finish the sentences below.

The biggest scar in my life is:

This showed me my greatest love by:

I rediscovered peace in my life by:

I found hope through:

This experience showed my my capacity to love unconditionally by:


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