POTENTIAL: Journaling Workbook 

Sunday: Spiritual

How is not reaching your potential in one aspect affecting how you feel in all of the other aspects of your life?

Your life is like an ecosystem.  What you are doing and bringing into one aspect, will inevitably be brought into and manifest in all, good and bad.  This will eventually extend out into the world, as it will affect your children and family, work, your home, your mind, your body, and most importantly—your soul.  I hope this week you come to realize that the one negative or unhealthy area in your life naturally becomes your main focus as you strive to repair it, which takes away time and energy from the many positives.  This is then recreated in your entire life because the rest of your life is feeding off of it—until a change is made.  Your spirit longs to give and receive with flowing grace and love, to and from God and all of His creation.

Today I hope you try to visualize the energy of your spirit, and see what it is putting out by what you are feeding it.  Think about what area of your life could be damaging your positive energy, taking away from your true potential, your family’s potential, and the potential of your spirit.

What is your energy magnet drawing?  Is that your true potential?  What potential do you hold?  What do you want your energy, the spirit around you and within you that is your connection to God and others to look like in order to attract?

Right now, my energy looks like:

This is magnetically drawing into my life:

If I were reaching and living my true potential, my spirit would be:

I want my aura of energy—which is my connection to God and others—to shine out of me looking like:

This beautiful magnetic energy will draw to me:

So that I can become and create in my life:

Monday: Emotional

Emotional intelligence

Becoming in-tuned to others takes effort and interest.  Some people claim that they are so in-tuned that they are over sensitive, and therefore shut themselves off, or stay away from crowds.  Others are insensitive and too self-involved to notice or care.  Balance is what we need to strive for to remain aware of others, while still maintaining an inner awareness.  I would like to challenge you today, whether you are sensitive or insensitive, to let go of your ego—which is creating a fear of honest empathy—and allow yourself to be present, striving for emotional connection.  Just as you can develop skills to better your IQ, today I hope you will take some time to think about how you can develop your EQ or EI.

What fear holds you back from really connecting with others on an emotional level?  Can you be present with another and care for them, while still allowing them to feel whatever it is they need to feel, without taking it on and allowing it to affect how you are feeling?  What does your true emotional potential look like, regardless of your level of sensitivity?  What is one simple thing you will start doing today to reach this potential?

Allowing myself to fully connect emotionally makes me feel vulnerable, because:

I will work on letting this go by realizing we all have a right to feel without needing to take on or try to control or change each other’s emotions.  I will show this by:

Communicating effectively by being impeccable with my words will help me emotionally evolve because it will create relationships and environments of:

My true emotional potential would be to be able to:

The first step to attaining this is awareness; today I will start with being aware of:

Tuesday: Environmental

Your potential is fed by what you feed your surroundings 

An important step in reaching your life’s potential is to take care of your STAFF (Secure Team to Assist For the Future).  By acknowledging that you cannot live this life alone, and that everyone and everything that surrounds you holds an importance, you will inevitably find heartfelt gratitude with a desire to take care of your STAFF, and this will begin to shine in your entire life.  Your world, and what you are offering and nurturing, is exactly what will sustain you in return, and what is required to reach your potential.

Your potential is not only what you are personally capable of, but what your STAFF is capable of. They say that your team is only as strong as its weakest link.  Find and express genuine appreciation for what others do for you that you do not have the time or the resources to accomplish yourself to strengthen that weak link.  If you are feeling like a “one-man-show” it is time to start taking care of your STAFF.

How does STAFF (Secure Team to Assist For the Future) help you reach your potential?  Who is on your STAFF?  Who do you want on your STAFF?  How has your STAFF changed over the years and what has this taught you?  Are you taking care of your STAFF? 

I realize the importance of my surroundings, and those in my life as they have helped me by:

Without my STAFF I would not have been able to:

My STAFF includes:

I want my STAFF to include:

Over the years my STAFF has changed; because of this I now understand:

Each day I will purposefully nurture one thing, or one person in my life.  Some examples are:

Wednesday:  Occupational

What are you willing to do to reach your potential?

Seven Seeds is about reaching your full potential in life, which will naturally help everyone around you reach theirs.  True potential can only be achieved without the sacrifice of priorities or values.   This means you can have your cake and eat it too when you choose your cake wisely; knowing there will always be enough of the greatest goods in life when the more you share, the more you generate. Sharing means giving and receiving equally. The goal is to fulfill your purpose and reach your potential in every aspect to create this sense of living in abundance.  It requires balance and a strongly instilled definition of integrity to strive for what you want, while maintaining a strength through awareness of what you will not sacrifice to obtain this.  At times it may feel like you are failing in one aspect, but if you know your priorities, and maintain them in order, you will never fail.

What or who is most important to you?  What gift do you offer with sincerity from heart and soul that constantly gives back in abundance?  What boundaries in other areas do you need to set to create more of this equal exchange because you are maintaining your values and priorities with integrity?

The most important thing(s) or people in my life that I will go to the ends of the earth for are:

I am most valued for:

I naturally create an abundance of:

Because I know my true gift needs to be respected, I will no longer put myself in a position where:

The area I most stand out from the crowd comes through my ability to:

To fully reach my potential I will not sacrifice:

I will honour my greatest and most passionate potential by:

Thursday:  Intellectual

What are you willing to risk?

The bottom line is:  You need to live with you.  You are the only one who knows your truth.  To reach your own personal potential it is important that you respect others’. This means that as you strive to reach your star you are not knocking others down to get there, but together helping each other up.  Make your successes solid and your deals concrete.  In this, you will know who and how to trust when you need assistance, because of the reliable trust you have for yourself.

I would like you to think of a time when you know you were being manipulated or taken advantage of.  It’s one of the worst feelings.  Even though you may not have been able to put your finger on it completely, something in you and the way you saw the other person instantly changed, and often can never fully recover, because the trust is gone.  Always remember that trust is earned and can easily be depleted.  People know deep down when someone is not being truthful to others, or more importantly to themselves.  Decide today to bring a greater depth of truth from your mind, body and soul so that you develop an inner trust that will grow into a solid outer trust.  As you walk with this confidence, in time, I believe it will deter people from being false with you, and you will be better equipped to get the trusted help you require to reach your potential.

Are you living your full potential, and are you proud of who you have become by how you got there?  How will you know when you have reached your honest potential?  What promise will you make yourself to ensure you will not make any choice that will jeopardize trust, beginning with you? 

Living my best life means:

The area I feel I am not reaching my full potential is:

This is because: (please do not allow your answer to put blame on another)

I will know I am reaching my honest and true potential when:

I promise myself that in order to maintain my integrity, I will:

One example of when I followed my integrity, knowing I could not reach my potential if I did not, was when:

In that situation I lost:

In that situation I gained:

It was worth it because:

In order to reach my potential, I will take full responsibility for my own choices, and will no longer blame:


Friday: Social

Your Potential to Love

Finding a true heart that matches your own can be difficult, as many of us are disguised by the pain and loss we carry from the many hurts life can bring.  But there are qualities in others that each of us value, which can become even greater when these are strengthened by our pasts.  The hope today is that you become acutely aware of the qualities you value, and use this as a guide as to when to go further and when to not.  The question becomes not only what the other’s potential is, but about our own potential to love and be loved when there is a strong sense of safety.

Think about what is lacking in the social aspect of your life; about what you want more of or less of, and define what is really important to you in a friend.  Your eyes may like the shiny red sports car or brand name handbag, but what I want you to discover today is what your heart likes, as this is what will sustain any and every relationship.  Who we want by our side are the ones with the whole package, and the ones who appreciate our entire package.  By placing our honest values (instead of valuables) on the table, we can more clearly see the potential for a pure and equal exchange of love.  We will also see just as clearly when that exchange will not transpire, and allow ourselves and the other to move on.

What is missing or lacking in your social life or your relationships that makes you realize you are not reaching your heart’s potential?  What do you need to stop believing and looking for in others that is not there?  What about in yourself?  What do you need to start believing and accepting in others and yourself to reach your relationship potentials?

Please list seven qualities that will become your guide to finding and living your greatest potential in relationships:







Those seven qualities are important to you because that is who you also are.

Saturday:  Physical

The surest way to let yourself down, is to let yourself go

“No excuses” are the words that come to mind today when we are thinking about our physical selves and potential.  If you truly desire to reach your potential in the other aspects of your life, you must take care of your physical self.  Today I want you to be able to look in the mirror and accept that you look fabulous because you feel fabulous, and because you are fabulous.  This is an area that many of us struggle with, yet it is also the area that is easiest to have success in.  No more fleeting promises, but a few solid weekly or daily adjustments to reach your physical potential is what I hope for you to make today.  You know when you are letting yourself down; the mirror tells you so.  Stand tall in that mirror today, look yourself in the eye, and make a promise to yourself that you are going to be your physical best.

I believe that inability to reach the potential in our world stems from individual moments of suffering—where there is a lack of basic essentials or loss of security.  This creates a sense of greed or entitlement when the pendulum swings the other way.  To truly help the world’s ecosystem of abundance, the best thing you can do is let it begin in your life, beginning with your body.  Imagine that how you treat yourself today is how the entire world will live—so treat yourself tenderly, soundly, and wisely, today and each day to come.

What would reaching or maintaining your physical potential require?  What is your optimum weight?  Are you getting the optimum amount of exercise and rest that you require to be your best?  Do you choose foods that make you tired, or do you choose to nourish yourself properly as the example of how you are nourishing your world and others in it?

I know I can push my body to do many things. Reaching or maintaining my physical potential will require me to:

The one area I have been over-giving in that I must balance out in order to reach my potential in the other areas, mainly physical, is:

My optimum weight (where I feel good) is:

The optimum amount of exercise my body needs is:

The optimum amount of sleep I need per night to be at my best is:

I know I need to cut from my diet:

Taking the time and making the effort to live my optimum physical potential would make me feel:

Three adjustments in my physical aspect of wellness I will make to help me reach my potential are:






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