SELF-WORTH Journaling Workbook

SUNDAY SPIRITUAL: Precious and Worthy Child of God

In God’s eyes you are worthy. To your Father you are worthy of living life to the fullest, and enjoying all of the gifts and splendour of His creation. You are worthy of having a spiritual connection to Him as he invites you to live in harmony within the safety and greatness of His love. Just as you would forgive your own children and do anything to help them live their best lives, in God’s eyes you are His little miracle; His special and worthy child.

Your spiritual worthiness has always been there; it was promised to you from the beginning of time. It is up to you to break down any barriers that have formed, and open yourself up to receive the spiritual grace and guidance you deserve, just because you are His child. Being able to freely connect with spirit and acknowledge that there is something greater and more powerful than you helps with the acceptance of your humanness, yet also makes you take responsibility for your actions, realizing that all of your circumstances play a part in a greater master plan. Once you come to know your spiritual or energetic value, you learn you can let go of whatever went wrong in the past, and trust that God will make it right one way or another—because you and all of His children are worth it to Him.

Take whatever has been presented to you this day and go forward with joy, creating more love, because you are loved.

My spiritual background instilled in me a sense of worthiness by:

My spiritual background instilled in me a sense of unworthiness by:

Because God has already forgiven me, I will forgive myself for:

And turn this new found freedom into more love by:

Because I am a precious and worthy child of God, I will:


Not forgiving yourself and feeling like you are unworthy is detrimental to yours and others’ emotional well-being. When you lack self-love, it blocks all others from being able to love you completely, and makes them question their own love’s worth. If you constantly act like you are undeserving, people will start to wonder if you, and they, really are.

If you take a moment to think about the laws of attraction, and how when you give you will receive, perhaps then you can see that when someone wants to love you, do something nice for you, or help you in some way—perhaps you are simply getting back what you have already put out, and you deserve the good that has come your way. By refusing to receive, you are taking away the other’s potential to also receive.

All of yours and others’ gestures of kindness and good thoughts are paid back in ways that fill one’s individual needs in life. We are all different and so are our gifts, wants, and abilities. Just because someone is able to help another out—for example financially, or perhaps emotionally—this does not mean that person is required to repeat the same act—instead, he is to find ways where he is able to give in abundance and pay it back or forward.

Living with self-worth does not mean living with a sense of entitlement; no one owes you anything. Rather, it is a way of living with trust that each person will do their part when it is their time.  We cannot always measure or try to equalize what comes in and goes out; that is not for us to do. Perhaps your generosity will be paid back to your children in ways you do not see.  We can, however, do little or big things when it is right for us and when our hearts speak, calling us to go or do. Acknowledge when you act or give with a generous heart, to clear the path for abundant exchanges of give and take; remembering you are worthy of both.

What would it take for you to feel worthy to give and to receive? What do you need to feel worthy of? Do you feel worthy of someone’s love? Where did any feelings of unworthiness come from and how can you heal them?

These are questions I hope you will strive to answer today so you are able to allow love, joy, peace, and prosperity to flow into your life—because you are you, and you are worth it. There are a lot of really good people in this world, and when you strive to do good, you are worthy of having good people in your life.

Please write seven things you are worthy of and the reasons you are worthy (not entitled), that stem from a genuine place in your heart that is giving and caring.









Iinvite you to come home. Home, to a place where you feel at peace and at one with—almost as if it were an extension of your body. Home, where you feel free from the burden of reliving the past, yet surrounded by memories that hold comfort, joy, and security. You, my friend, are worth this. We are all worthy of having a place to call home. I have always believed that how well you take care of yourself is a reflection on how you will ultimately take care of others. I also believe that how well you take care of your environment can reflect how you are taking care of your heart.

Even in the midst of all the terrible acts of violence and terror that are occurring in our world, I want you to believe you are worthy of safety and love. I too am worthy of this; this book is my seed of hope for a better, more peaceful world. Please plant your seed. Together, let’s be the change. This is our world. Our countries, our communities, and our homes. Perhaps instead of each of us worrying about the destruction, creating fear, we can focus on building up and taking care of our own first.

Create an abundance of exactly what you desire in the world, beginning in your home, extending to your community, and so forth—because you and your loved ones are worth it.

What can you do to make the world a better place beginning at home? What can you do to make the world a better place beginning in your community? If you are feeling unsafe in your home, how well are you protecting your heart?

Three words that describe what I am worthy of living are:




In my heart, I can create this by:

In my home, I can create this by:

In my place of work, I can create this by:

In my community there is a child or a family who I can extend a helping or loving hand to by:

This could possibly bring a positive change by:

I am worthy of doing this because:


Firmly believe that maintaining a strong sense of self-worth in the workplace requires a balance of give and take of value in order to create value. Value in the form of the service or product you are providing balanced with the amount you are shown value through respect, money, or other compensation.  When this balance is off, or feels off, somewhere along the line, something has started to go wrong.

Each company has a “brand” and/or a “product”; what they are known for. Each person also has this as an individual. As you market your image, are you following through with your promises?  From the bottom to the top, clear expectations and goals with matching rewards are essential for everyone involved to maintain self-worth. When this is achieved, the company, along with the individual, has a greater chance of success—success defined by the one who sets the definition. False marketing or advertising is setting yourself up to get more than what you bargained for.

As an employer

Do you take care of your personal ecosystem, realizing it extends to your business and affects how you treat and value each employee, setting the tone for overall value and service?

Do you know and understand what level of service or product you offer, and are you clear with your employees and customers?

Do you have trusted and trained employees so that you can do what you do best?

As an employee:

Do you have a clear understanding of the product or the service, a clear job description, and clear goals set out with set, organized, progress evaluations from yourself and your boss?

Are you working with integrity?

Do you take care of your personal ecosystem so you know what it feels like to be worthy?

My brand is:

My product or service is:

I am putting out exactly what I am getting back. The positive in this is:

I am putting out exactly what I am getting back. The negative in this is:

In order to improve or establish a strong sense of self-worth at work, I will:


Part of what makes our free countries so great is our freedom to learn and our freedom of speech; our freedom to non-private information. Keep your options open by keeping your mind open to learn for today and for tomorrow. Never lose your authenticity or give up your freedom to choose what you learn.

What we learn is so important. What you open your mind up to absorb is part of forming we become.  Realize the importance of choosing what information you allow in by choosing what you study, and be grateful that you have this choice. Belonging to an association is great as it accredits you, and is often necessary and mandatory, but as a member you also have a say in what is required in order to belong. To sign up to belong, and then be forced to only absorb what someone else chooses when it is not of value to you is counterproductive.

The world needs each person to add their unique voice, creating more choice because that is what true freedom is. You are worth living free—so use your voice.

What do you want to know more about? How will this help develop you into who you want to be in seven years? Will it help you expand in areas that will make you the person you dream of becoming? How can you incorporate new skills and continuing education to open doors?

I would like to sign up to learn:

In seven years, personally and professionally, I would like to be:

To feel ready and worthy of this, it would help me to develop:

My restrictions are:

What I learn is my responsibility, as are the associations I belong to, therefore I

will get more involved to uphold this freedom of choice by:

I am worthy of getting involved and choosing what I learn because:

I am worthy of learning or expanding in the area of:

FRIDAY: SOCIAL: Loving Greatly

You are worthy of love. You are worthy of kindness.  Not just from another, but for another.  You are worthy of being genuinely kind and loving, because it is a wonderful way to live. You deserve to love greatly.

It has been said that each of us has our own love language and way of expressing love. Yes, we need to learn and respect another’s love language and continue to do the little things, but we also need to respect our own; to see the value in the unique way we show love and kindness, because that is who we are. If you are constantly trying to give others only what they want, it will become inauthentic.

Your love is worth more than that; all love is worth more than that. We have spent so much time—read books, taken courses on learning how to please others, obliging “personality types” trying to build trust, and showing others “love” in the way they will feel it most—that we have become masters of fitting in, and making others feel good and comfortable in our presence. But what can result is that we become uncomfortable and can become deeply unhappy when it feels inauthentic. We lose our own self-worth, we lose self-love, and, just as we discovered on Monday, eventually the other person feels this lack, and questions their own worthiness.

Self-worth is strengthened when we can show love in our authentic way, and it is enough. If someone in your life does not speak your love language, you may at times have to show them in their way, but more importantly you have to make them know and feel when you are showing love in your way. Also, please be aware of this when it comes to others—when their means of showing love is different than yours. Try to see and appreciate that they are loving you in their unique and authentic way.

How does it leave you feeling when you continuously have to try to oblige love languages and personality types? How do those relationships usually end up? If the goal is to build trust, isn’t it better to be authentic and real from the beginning? What happens when the truth comes out?

At times I feel I am selling myself short in relationships when I:

I find pleasure in making others feel comfortable, but to truly have lasting and trusting relationships, I know I need to be more authentic in the beginning by:

I allow my kindness to become a weakness when I:

My authentic way of showing love and kindness should be enough to:

I am worthy of loving greatly because:

SATURDAY: PHYSICAL: We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are –Anais Nin

Being able to look in the mirror at your physical reflection and be happy with what you see is important. We take care of our physical bodies to be attractive and to feel good. The energy we give off as a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, inside and out, is as apparent as the shoes we wear or the colour of our eyes. We can only mask our inner selves for so long before it manifests physically in one way or another. This is what I want you to think about today: what you are manifesting?

Your physical self-worth can affect your view of your entire world. The truth that is told through someone’s eyes is a reflection of their soul. Today, I hope you strive to see and make the entire world a better place by honouring your physical self-worth.

Will you stop and breathe before you run out of breath? Replenish your soul before you run out of faith? Regain your courage before you run out of strength? Refill your energy before you run out of power?  

When I look into my own eyes, I see:

Today I am feeling about the state of the world:

I want to live and become the example of:

I will physically begin this by:



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