Signs of Spring

SIGNS OF SPRING: Journaling Workbook

Sunday: Spiritual

40 Days and 40 Nights

As spring slowly arrives, we open our windows to our homes and hearts, breathe in the fresh air, and feel the excitement of new beginnings.  Before you begin to plant your garden this season, take time to think about what you really desire to see transpire in the next few months so that you can plant with intention, inside and out.  Each cycle of life involves loss, but also brings with it the potential for beautiful gains.  As you remove the old and dead, be grateful for the blessings of the past, then look forward to what is to come.  Envision what you desire to see grow and then plant with intent.  Just as you cannot expect to do no work on your outside garden and still produce a full harvest in the fall, please be reminded to do some work on the garden of your life, so that this fall you can feel proud of and fulfilled by what has transpired.

Over the 40 days of Lent, Christians are asked to practice a spiritual discipline by making a minor sacrifice through moderation or fasting, to humble ourselves in prayer so that we can focus on, and be reminded of what is truly important.  Many faiths have practices of fasting or sacrifice at various times for various reasons.  By letting go, or giving up, we intentionally create space to allow God in, so that we are not just throwing seeds in the air—but can plant with purpose through humbleness and gratitude.  Today, consider what you can let go of in order to consciously create space or time to become more spiritually connected.  By doing so, I hope you will come to realize that sacrifice is actually a gift of surrender for greatness.

Where in your life do you desire more—more quality, more abundance, more love, more connection, more peace, more fulfillment?  What can you let go of, to create space to receive?

Please think of three things in your life that you know take up more than their share of time and energy, and imagine giving them up for 40 days as a sacrifice.  Write what fears arise and what positive changes could occur if you used your new found time or energy to humble yourself and go within, if you were to go without.  Then replace the word “sacrifice” with the word “surrender” and revisit each of these three.

Three things I could sacrifice are:




My fears in making these sacrifices are:




If I sacrificed these, I believe I could gain:




Now, change the wording to surrender. Three things I could surrender are:




My fears in surrendering these are:




If I surrendered these, I believe I would gain:




Monday:  Emotional

Spring is in the Air

The colours and smells of spring, the sound of the birds, and the feeling of warmth from the sun all bring about emotion by either creating a memory or recalling one.  This week, the hope is that you begin to become conscious of using your senses to bring more joy into your life.  Breathe deeply; taking in the precious moments, and allow yourself to bring depth to your feelings as you listen with your entire body, mind, and soul to the beautiful songs the world is singing for you.

How can you use your senses to create more beauty and joy in your life? 

My sense of smell is my most primal sense for security and survival.  I will use it to:

My sense of taste holds passion and emotion.  I will use it to:

My sense of sight holds my vision through imagination.  I will use it to:

My sense of touch, from my heart to my hands, is my way of expressing love.  I will use it to:

My sense of sound, my voice, allows me freedom of expression of my truth.  I will use it to:

Tuesday:  Environmental

The Circle of Life

Today you are living your dream from the past, so remember to live the dream today.  Strive to live fully in the present while you dream for tomorrow, because your happiness today will set precedence for your future.  What you have in abundance today will determine your future riches by what you are nourishing, and how you are nurturing.  Be sure that whatever you are producing, and who is benefitting from your garden is yielding the goodness and joy you too desire to receive when the circle of life comes back around.  Be present and notice the small things, because in the end, those are often what we remember as the big things.

How can you make more of an effort to fully embrace each moment and live in the present?  Do you realize that the joy you seek and find each day is the same joy you recreate and will become? 

The area of my life I would like to create more joy in is:

I know this is important because it affects:

I will stop waiting for tomorrow and start living this today because:

One thing I will start doing today to begin to manifest this is:

And my reminder will be:

Wednesday:  Occupational

Waste Not, Want Not

Today is about striving to live with clarity and purpose by removing unnecessary distractions.  Regain focus and efficiency by removing clutter from your life.  If you cannot take care of what you have, it makes no sense to acquire more – it only creates waste.  We all get caught up in “I want” in order to be happy, when true happiness actually comes from fully utilizing and joyfully caring for what you already have, or letting it go to someone who needs it.

This waste is also prevalent when you are trying too hard to be something you are not ever going to be by trying to take responsibility for other’s choices in life.  If you are wasting so much of your precious energy holding or carrying out another’s dream that you are cannot fulfill your own, pass it back to the one who threw it your way because it is not yours to hold.

Think about creating less waste in your life by taking full responsibility for what is yours, and letting the rest go. Vow not to purchase or acquire anything until you are sure you have used what you already have, and mentally start letting go of what is not yours to hold. Waste not this spring so that you want not in the seasons to come.

What do you waste most in your life?  What do you want more of?  What do you need to take better care of?  How can you create more time in your life?  What is sucking your energy because it is not yours to keep or hold?  How is this making you feel?  

I know that in order to have what I really want, it would help to get rid of or clean up:

To create more time, energy, or money for my priorities and true passions, I need to stop carrying the weight of:

To do this, I am going to have to:

This will help create an abundance of:

Because I will be more:

Thursday: Intellectual

Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs

Signs are all around us, we just have to open our minds, eyes, ears, and hearts to notice them. There is a proverb that spoke, “No matter how long the winter is, spring is sure to follow”.  Eventually change will come, but you will not notice the subtleties of change if you don’t look.  Today I hope you will become aware of the signs all around you that signify change is in the air.  Just as a sign of spring doesn’t guarantee a hot summer; your signs are not there to tell your future or your fortune, but they are there to provide you with comfort, peace, and strength in the present, with the assurance that your new season is right around the corner.

What sign are you seeking in your life?  What new season of life is upon you?  What signs are appearing to prepare you?  Can you look around today and begin to notice your surroundings more keenly?  What is the world trying to tell you?

The sign for direction I am seeking in my life is:

A recent negative occurrence happened in my life. I believe this was a sign for me to:

A recent positive occurrence happened in my life. I believe this was a sign for me to:

When my season changes, I do not want to look back and realize I missed out on:

Therefore, today, as my signs of change appear, I will be reminded to:

Friday: Social

As is written in Matthew 7 “judge not that ye be not judged” 

We are not called to be friends with everyone—but I believe we are called to be friendly; to be kind, to accept others, and to lend a helping hand as a good neighbor.  People are drawn to those who are comfortable in their own skin and content in their environment, without needing to judge anyone else’s junk in the backyard.  Today I hope to inspire you to first do some of your own housecleaning, then instead of judging your neighbors, see if they could use a helping hand.  Clean your own yard and clear your own heart to create a comfortable, inviting space that says “welcome friends”.  Then host a barbeque or a backyard fiesta to reconnect with your friendly neighbors.

What do you feel judged about?  What do you judge?  What do you really know about this judgement of others deep down?  What will you clean up today to create comfort and welcome in your home and heart?

Today if you have time, or next time you are at a garage sale or garden centre, look for a friendly lawn sign that says “Welcome”, and put it up in your front yard.  Each time you see it, let it remind you to be confident in your welcoming home and inviting heart.

Saturday: Physical

One step back, two steps forward…

Around here, just when we think spring has officially arrived, the snow falls at least one more time.  It is a reminder of the rises and falls that occur with change and progress.  Today, I hope you are mindful that as long as you are taking two steps forward for every step back, you are still getting ahead.  Spring is a good time to recall any New Year’s resolutions you made for your health and body, and give yourself a restart if you have fallen off course.  “Nowruz” is a traditional Iranian festival of spring, which is considered the beginning of their New Year.  The start of spring is a great time to begin anew. Give yourself credit for what you have done, then skip forward—adding a little spring to your step to begin this season with a new resolve. Have a Happy Nowruz!

What would you like to try this season in the physical aspect? 

Three classes or physical activities I am interested in are:

I have always wanted to try:

With spring in the air, I feel inspired to:

Starting this week, I will:

My physical goal this year, beginning this season, is to:

I will spring forward today by:



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