Stations of the Cross Yoga Flow & Rosary Meditation

Happy Easter everyone! This will definitely be an Easter and Spring none of us will forget.

This is a yoga flow class with the 14 Stations of the Cross and a meditation is to celebrate this Easter with mindfulness, movement and meditation. The meditation is a Rosary to ask Mary, our Mother of Earth, to intercede in her nurturing way to bring healing to our world. I hope you will continue to stay strong, humble and kind through these troubling times and continue to pray for healing for all and a special prayer for all of our medical professionals who are fighting so hard for us all.

Many of our fellow humans are going through painful times right now and this will no doubt affect our world permanently. As much as we are so adaptable physically to isolation and to assisting others, the toll that is the most difficult to heal are the ones that cannot be seen: mentally and emotionally.

Namaste, Janaia

Today’s Rosary was a meditation for the Glorious Mysteries, which is prayed on Sunday and Wednesday. Each day of the week there is an assigned set of prayers. Please feel free to look up “praying the Rosary” for more information. One site I enjoyed for more information about the Stations of the Cross is:

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