Mindfulness. Movement. Meditation

Changing your brain is the only way to truly heal and make lasting change in your life. This happens when we align what we think, say and do and is can be most successfully achieved through the combination of mindfulness, movement and meditation. Aligning one’s mind, body and soul, by focusing, with intention, on each of the seven aspects of wellness forms who we become; who we are meant to become.


is an introduction for you to experience the positive results for yourself. It is one of those things that once you know you have to share, which is why it is important to Janaia that it is free and available to all so please share it with your friends, team and loved ones.  

We all need a place to start and this 20 day journey is a fantastic way to start the new decade. By reading the daily, inspiring words and/or journaling, and then adding yoga and meditation, all done in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace, you will be amazed at your own transformation. 

I strongly encourage you to write yourself a letter before you being your 20 days and read it when you are complete, so you can see for yourself how far you came and how much solid change took place. Some may finish in 20 days and some of you may need more time.  

Let’s begin!