A New Place and Thyme

There are many ways to reach or attain a goal, choosing the path that will bring you the most joy in the process is what true living is all about. If the end result is going to be the same, it is in how you get there that will really count. So decide what seeds you are going to plant by visualizing your endgame, be sure what you are planting can withstand your potential elements and know that when they do fully bloom you may be in a new place and time (or in my case thyme) – and live.

No matter what your dream is, it is sure to require patience. The greatest gifts are those that transpire everywhere else in your life once your hardy seeds are planted.

A few years ago I learned this first-hand when I had the option of either waiting two months for a company to re-sod a patch of lawn or plant seeds. Of course I was too impatient to wait for re-sodding, so I planted seeds. I waited in excited and joyful anticipation each day as I watered and literally watched the grass grow, which, in the end, took longer than two months. This analogy could pretty much sum up my entire life. Once you plant your seeds, do your part in keeping them nurtured, have gratitude for the elements of assistance and adversity, and let the growth itself bring you joy and fill you up so that you can take that into other areas of your life.

This spring, as I look out my back window at the amazing view, in a new place, I have a problem. My dog, Favre, has completely destroyed the lawn. It’s not his fault, he has nowhere else to go and it is a much smaller area that he had in his old home. I refuse to plant grass seeds or even re-sod this time because I know it will be futile. I am looking for fruitful.

I have a plan. I am going to plant and seed creeping thyme in the entire area, which is supposed to withstand many elements – including dog urine. I am aware of the potential negatives such as that it may attract bees, and that in my location the exposure to wind and cold my make it difficult. But thyme is safe for pets, I don’t have flowerbeds, so I don’t have to worry about over-creeping – and my friend tells me they are relentlessly creepy.

Again the analogy: it is time to plant new and different seeds.

We are constantly reaching goals and becoming our dreams. Believe it or not, today you are is exactly what you always dreamt you would be. Accept the person, you, who is on just as much of a journey of growth as everybody else; a journey and the arrival at the many stops along the way that have transpired in ways that we don’t fully realize. Yet, at one time, the seed was planted.

While it is good that we are attaining, the downside is that we forget to celebrate because suddenly we are “there” and with that comes a whole new level of stress and worry. It also provides opportunity to plant new seeds of dreams.

Just for today, will you take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments. Look at how you have grown spiritually, without even really realizing it. Look at your children and see how they have grown into that person you always dreamed they would be or your companions and how the new friendships have become the most cherished old friends. Look at your home, what you have accomplished at work, what you have learned – book-wise or world-wise, and see the growth. See the way you have been able to, perhaps not control all emotions, but how you acknowledge, realize and embrace them to lead you to your best days.

As you look out at your life today, notice what has flourished and what is no longer working and then decide if it is time to plant some new or different seeds, looking ahead to a new place and thyme.

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