Discover Your Essence

Essence is the flavour of the juice that is squeezed from the fruit.  It was who you were at birth, who you are now and who you will become.  It is also what you require to thrive in life.  

Take a moment to envision yourself on your dream vacation.  You are fit, healthy and fully alive.  You have not a single worry at home, everything is taken care of.  The vacation is fully paid for, you have unlimited money to do anything you want, and you can stay as long as you want.  Picture where you would be and what you would be doing. Who is with you?  What surrounds you?  Imagine what it feels like to have accomplished what you have to get to where you are without any fears or burdens – in this perfect moment.  

You have also been given an amazing gift of knowledge and understanding of all.  And yet, you are completely unattached to any of it.  The thoughts and realizations pass through you like a warm breeze and make you smile because of the absolute, yet simple perfection.

As all of this knowing flows in and around you, you also have an understanding of who you are.  You realize your essence.  It is what is inside of you that has sustained you and provided you with the inspiration to grow.  

This word, your essence It is also what will get you to where you long to be and what is required of you to reach your potential and lead you to your purpose. 

Choose one word that sums up the answer to: What is your essence?  Write your word down.  

The word you chose is the energy or the prayer you are putting out to the universe or God.  The universe or God wants to oblige this request.  You also long to meet this need because your essence is where your true-self stems from. Whatever you do in life, this word must be present. It is as important to you as food and water.

Each of the other six aspects of your life: emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, social and physical, are the tools to help sustain your essence.  Together they work to create the best you and keep you on the path towards your passion, purpose and potential. 

Take this QUIZ to help lead you to your purpose in your occupational aspect of wellness. 

If time is of the essence in a contract for performance by one party to enable performance by another party, 1] then knowing one’s own essence is knowing what is necessary for optimal performance in every aspect of life. Your seven main aspects work together, similar to an ecosystem, and what you are feeding or putting into one will inevitably be what is produced in all.

When you have a decision to make in life, first and foremost you must have your essence, your spiritual word present to obtain your goal and to be productive.  Then you must have the word in that specific aspect of wellness.  And if you are still unsure, you can go through each of the other five words and see if they are present.  

Your life is like an ecosystem.  Heal the one aspect that is most troubling for you and you will bring harmony to them all.  This I know for sure.


Take this QUIZ to help lead you to your purpose in your occupational aspect of wellness.  Choose one word for each of the following questions.  Be honest, be dynamic and dreamy!

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