Become the Glass

During yoga teacher training Yogis are taught the Yamas and Niyams: the ten ethical practices or rules of right-living that are derived from Hinduism. These, amongst other gifts offer an opportunity to live with respect. Respect for yourself, others and the Greater plan.

Respect in our spiritual aspect of wellness comes naturally when we follow these practices, which are somewhat parallel to The Ten Commandments that are taught in Christianity and Judaism; varied, yet similar, teachings are taught in each religion.  Buddism has The Five Precepts.

Often, when we do wrong we know it in our being – we don’t require a rule to tell us something is not right.  Yet, life presents many circumstances where were are forced to choose between the greater of goods and the lesser of evils.  Thus leaving hearts torn and spirits worn when we lack understanding. 

When what is before you is frosty and unclear and you are unsure of what lies beyond, be still and practice Asteya: non-stealing of yourself, others and Spirit, and allow the warmth of the request of faithful understanding and forgiveness work naturally, rather than with the heat of strained and unnecessary efforts trying to scrape away your frosted glass tying to clean your own slate.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, which is a good time to allow your slate to be melted clean. This way, complete forgiveness permeates through all, like the melted water seeping through the earth.

During my own yoga teacher training, each of my meditations ended in the visualization of frosted glass, with the words in my head to “become the glass.” Today, six months later, I saw the beautiful frosted glass – and had no desire to scrape it off because I knew the sun would eventually melt it away.

Discord is an invitation to be still and allow the warmth of light to melt the beauty of the frost in due time.  Namaste

From The Seven Seeds 

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