Day 10 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Wolf Moon

Today, on this January full moon, which is referred to as the Wolf Moon, our practice is in honour of the fullness and perfection that can only be found in nature.

The Wolf Moon is named after the howling wolves that can be heard during this time of year; although, I have learned that wolves don’t, in fact howl, at the moon, they are howling because it is their breeding season, which means that anywhere from two to two-and-a-half months later pups will be born. The wolf-pack expands.

Chandra Namaskar – Full Moon Salutation

Mindfulness: Think about a time when the perfection of nature has inspired you. Let this Wolf Moon be an inspiration for you to utilize and enjoy the abundant healing qualities given freely to us by our natural world. Everything you need to live your best life with the most energy and vitality is given to you, you just have to tap into it. Feel the energy and nutrients that our environment provides – everywhere from oxygen to negative ions to nutritional and medicinal plants. Be fully present on this first full moon of 2020 and feel your mind and body awaken to the natural and joyful prosperity that is already yours.

What feeling arises in you when you think about being in nature, or of the wonders of our natural world, and let this word resonate in each aspect of your life, in each chakra and each part of your body. How will you create more of this in your life?

Let every full moon be your reminder of your need to connect and ground to this earth with a magnificent prop of light. It is like an invitation to spend time in nature and appreciate the beauty and perfection.  Listening to what nature has to teach us is THE most valuable and powerful thing we can do for living our best. No matter where you live, you are surrounded by the greatest gift possible, your natural environment. You don’t have to pack it or pay for it, all you have to do is take care of it and appreciate it. 

The inspirational and healing qualities of nature are available in many forms, including what we see and can eat, and are also alive in the form of sounds, smells, and the many feelings that arise through touch – and emotion.

Movement: Even though you may be doing today’s yoga and meditation at home, I hope you are inspired by my snowy effort and make a point of spending time outside.  Perhaps you can do a walking meditation or find a place outdoors where you can sit or lie undisturbed and put your headphones in for your meditation.  You can even do some of the asanas in your back yard or on your deck or somewhere you feel safe, where it is not wet or slippery. Be very cautious not to practice on uneven surfaces. One step at a time!  Stand tall and strong in a mountain pose, Tadasana; a tree pose, Vrksasana or raise your arms up high in an upward salute, Urdhva Hastasana and hold these poses as steady as you can.  Feel the earth beneath your feet, whether you are in winter boots or barefeet, and take in the energy from the earth below you as well as from  all around you.

Meditation: Wherever you are, and not only in today’s practice, but in all that you do, I hope you will notice your surroundings and feel the importance of being present and aligned – and how this begins with grounding and stable foot placement. Harmony and alignment create the best environment possible for energy flow. Where are your feet placed? Does this align with where you want to go; with what is in your head and heart? Are you on solid ground? Nature is our greatest healer as well as teacher, and the lessons are to remain focused, aligned, stable and grounded – in yoga, meditation and in life. This is mindfulness, movement and meditation.

Nature offers us a space where all of our chakras can be balanced, stimulated and healed.  So, today we will do a chakra energizing meditation that you can do anywhere your chakras desire.

More: We have lost sight of the powerful healing benefits from our natural food and natural environment. In this age of antibiotic resistance, what about first trying naturally occurring antibiotics – grown right in your own back yard? Think about planing to plant a herb garden or perhaps a full garden this summer. What could you plant that would provide you with some of the most beneficial healing remedies that you could freeze or preserve to use during the cold and flu seasons.? As a reflexologist, I often apply many natural roots and herbs to the soles of feet, which absorb right into the body to be utilized where needed.

Thank you to Big Hill Springs Provincial Park and to Yamnuska Wolf-Dog Sanctuary for what you do in making our natural world a more beautiful place.


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