Day 11 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – The Next Step

Mindfulness: Life’s compass usually points us in the direction to avoiding what has brought harm or sadness. But where does your happy compass point? To bring clarity to your authentic, joyful self, please join me today in this very profound 20-20-20 practice: The Next Step. Today’s journaling can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Next Step to Happiness is…

Movement: Today’s 20-20 begins with a meditation that will take you to a place in your past where you felt genuinely happy. At this half-way point, and now that our bodies are open and aligned, some of our 20-20 practices will begin with mediation. I also recommend journaling starting today, if you have not already.

Beginning our 20-20 with meditation often inspires our yoga practice to take on an even greater force as our bodies are inspired to open deeper through intention; thus, allowing the light or the flame of happiness that is ignited through our meditation flow in. At the end of the practice there will be an extra 20 minutes to focus on your next steps. You can choose to do this as a mediation or you can journal – or you can do both. Please see journaling below in More.

Meditation: Take a moment to recall a time or era in your life when you felt the most joy. This may be a time during childhood, or it may be later in your life. You may have two or three times that come to mind. What do they have in common? What it was that made it so great and so very joyful. What you were doing, who is surrounding you, where you are? Feel, smell, taste that distinct awareness and pureness of joy in your entire being, when the world was at your fingertips. Allow each of your senses to distinctly remember the moments to create a longing for that same feeling again.

What is important to know is that that feeling of freedom, joy, love, simplicity, fearlessness, or however you would describe that time of you life, is who you are meant to be and what you are meant to feel today and each and every day.

Feeling this authentic joy in every aspect of your life, part of your body and in each chakra is the first step to recreating it – the next step is yours to take.

More: Please write down in each aspect of wellness and in each chakra what your next step is. The step that you can begin today to bring this authentic joy into your life in a more profound way.

Spiritual – Crown Chakra: What is your next step; that step will you take to solidify and recreate the person who knew and believed in joy and happiness? What will you do to honour your connection to the unknown, to the world of physics and energy and God and Spirit and the Universe, the way you did when you felt pure joy? What will you start doing today to have the faith of the most innocent child, the joyful person that was you?

Emotional – Third Eye Chakra: What did it feel like when you were happy? What did you see? What did you not need to see with your eyes because you could see it with your soul? What is your next step? What is one thing you will you begin doing today to see happy?

Environmental – Throat Chakra: What did your voice sound like when you were happy? What did your laugh sound like as a child or when you were authentically joyful? What did you hear? What reverberated around you and echoed in and out of you and your surroundings? What words did you use – what were you saying? What is your next step to recreating that vibrational energy of happiness? What will you start doing today to change or joyfully improve your environment and what surrounds you? What vibrational sound will the words you choose make starting today?

Occupational – Heart Chakra: What were you giving when you were the most happy? What were you receiving? What were you doing with your hands? What did your breath feel like in that moment? What is your next step to making all of your dreams come true, by recreating the most joyful time of your life? Whatever you were doing, do today. Give that today. Receive that today. Let your next step be becoming that today.

Intellectual – Solar Plexus Chakra: What did your stomach feel like during the most joyful time of your life? What did your gut feeling feel like? Free, clear, honest, trusting? Become that today by deciding on your next step to recreating that same feeling. Be happy. What is your next step to recreating this happiness from your core?

Social – Sacral Chakra: When you were happy, what was your passion? What were your relationships like? Who were you with? What were you doing? What was it about this time of passion that made you so happy? What is your next step to recreating that exact feeling of joyful passion and connection today?

Physical – Root Chakra: The earth, your community, the world, your family … Home. What did the earth beneath your feet feel like when you were happy? Where did you call home? What was the earth or your world or community providing you with during that time of authentic joy? Feel that today by doing or beginning something physical, tangible, as your next step. What step are you going to take to become who you were always meant to be?   

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