Day 12 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Need to Succeed – Seed #1


Up until now, the goal has been to try and expand your way of thinking from past beliefs that were maybe “within the box,” and instead go back to what you have always known “within your soul,” so that you can live your greatest and most authentic life with the success you deserve.  With this new sense of pureness of thought and confidence in yourself, I hope you will stay out of that box in order to remain uniquely you as you continue to create momentum towards your own goals and dreams.  The world needs your unique gift and your creation – I know this without a doubt. And this gift is what you know and what you seek to understand more of – and this is what you will be called to teach.

Start to visualize your endgame, your ending or your legacy that will live on way past your own life.  What do you really want to leave behind?  How do you want to be remembered?  Even if this is monetary, what do you hope each dollar left will offer those who are coming behind you? This will help you as you embark on this part of your journey, knowing that what you choose to do today will be part of the greater plan.

Seed #1 Your Need To Succeed

Mindfulness: No matter what your final goal or your immediate goal is, the ultimate reward that comes with achievement is always a feeling. This feeling is also what you need to succeed. Choose one word that is necessary for you to be at your best, to work your best and be most efficient, the word that will be your rope to get to the other side and what will be there when you arrive. What is the belief behind this need? This is also what you will more fully understand, what you will teach and it is what will live on, long after you are gone.

Example words: Peace, love, secure, respect, hope, enlightenment, wisdom, truth, protected, accomplished, complete, stability, faith, trust or connection. 

Is there a phrase behind this word that holds a belief? Example phrases: Everything we need to heal and prosper has been provided; therefore, I need to feel faithful to succeed or I need to feel connected to succeed or hope.  Another one: I know there is a greater purpose to my efforts, which is why I need to feel love in order to succeed or clarity for success.

Movement: Spiritual – Crown Chakra

Meditation: Picture yourself standing on the side of a mountain overlooking the most beautiful terrain of lush green.  You are at the edge of a cliff, below you is a magnificent waterfall.  You are headed to the other side. You know you belong on the other side.  In your hand is a long sturdy rope and it is what you need to get there.  What is on the other side?  How do you know you will feel when you get there? You are not afraid, because you know this part of your great journey. Each time you set a goal, this is what it is like: getting to the other side.  You may or may not be able to see it, but you know that it is there and you know it is the next leap or stage that will take you to your ultimate endgame.  You know when you arrive in order to feel complete, you will need to feel something very special and unique to you. You also need to feel this now along the journey. This feeling is your rope and it provides you with the strength and determination to do what you have to do, learn what you have to learn and the ability teach this to others.

You throw your rope with confidence.  It stakes into a large tree and is taunt.  Will you  zipline across your rope or  will you walk across like a tight rope?  Whatever you choose to do, choose it now, feel the feeling as you shout, “I AM HERE TO KNOW AND TO TEACH.”

More: Seed #1 is your need to succeed. Write your word and/or your phrase that describes what you need to succeed for you to be your best and how you will live your life.  Put somewhere you can see it each day.  It is the word one that helps fuel your desire for knowledge and understanding and it is also what you will teach and example in all that you do.  

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