Day 14 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Walk Your Talk – Seed #3


Everyone needs to be heard and validated. Respect is a key word to fulfilling this – and respect is earned. Whatever your goal is, show respect for this goal, for yourself and for others by becoming whatever it is you are selling. Whether that is love, an idea or a an electronic device, walk your talk with impeccability and truth so that with each step you are one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Communication is sending and receiving messages.  How you communicate your message and receive validation that you were heard, and how you validate that another was heard, shows your level of knowledge and dependability. It sets the bar to the level of respect in whatever relationship you are in. Words and the sound creates a vibrational energy that becomes the constant echo that surrounds the relationship and the environment. Listen to that, listen to the feedback and the response, and listen to yourself.  Set your stage and the environment in which your goal will be attained by walking your talk.

Seed #3 Walk Your Talk

First impressions are often thought of as physical, but what is never forgotten is sound.  Sound creates a feeling – think of music. Similar to the echo of your surroundings, the vibrational sound of your voice and how you communicate portrays your level of passion, truth, sincerity, and most of all, it shows how much you care.  The sureness and truthfulness of your voice should ward off any enemies or help you rise above the elements or obstacles that come your way. It also gives you permission to expect equal respect and trust from your companions on the journey.

This is the area that gives direct meaning to the phrase, “you get back what you give out,” or the law of attraction. What are you really attracting?

Mindfulness: Notice what is surrounding you, including the echo from your own words and what is being said and how you feel in the place you are in.  What is the honest feeling? What do you want it to feel like? Speak that with clarity. How will you become a respected leader by living and becoming the example or the model of what you create? What does your throat and neck area feel like? Stress is often held in our throat and neck and this can indicate that we are not being heard. What will you do today to gain the sense of freedom that comes by releasing your throat and use your voice in a positive and grateful way? What do you want to say and how will you measure or be validated that you were heard? What measure will you take to also validate others?

Movement: Environmental – Throat Chakra

Meditation: Ujjayi Pranayama is a breathing technique that helps bring a sense of calmness to the mind and body. Ujjayi can be used during yoga or meditation by breathing out through your nose with a slightly contracted throat.

SATYA is TRUTHFULNESS and is is truth that will set you free; there is nothing that represents freedom more than speech. Sounds are not forgotten, words are not forgotten and they hold immense power. For example:  Dr. Stephen Hawking maybe did not speak in the last stage of his life, but there was a sound that everyone who ever heard him will remember.

This takes us back to Seed #1, which is your need to succeed. You have to know and communicate what you need before you can ask to be validated by another. Think, say and do what you need and truly desire to create true alignment.

More: Seed #3: Walk your talk of impeccability and truth through your words and actions. Show respect for the word, the other and yourself by being particular of your words – and how you say them. Become what you say and say what you want to become. Offer and receive validation for the ultimate sense of freedom. Choose your words carefully, with clarity and with a positive end result in mind. If you can’t say it with respectful freedom and you are not being heard, you shouldn’t be in the situation or environment.

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