Day 16 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Shine Without Shame – Seed #5


They say that humans can make up to 35,000 choices in a day. That means that we have 35,000 opportunities to shine or shame. Shame is defined as, “a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behaviour.” Shame is more than a painful emotion, it is also a physical sensation that is brought on by stress or distress.

We are here on earth to act and do – we are made to act and do. So why do we carry so much shame? Perhaps it is because of the constant bombardment from the media and the outside world, which creates a lack of listening to our inner wisdom and voice. This can leave us with the constant feeling of discontent or failure because of the fear that we have made the wrong choice – so we hang on too long, do what we are told or we try to do it all – all out of fear of being shames; even when we know it is not the right choice, which is the real definition of shame.

Give yourself permission to shine. Give yourself permission to succeed.

“Right” is the choice that aligns with your thoughts, voice and actions. This may involve disappointing another or others; therefore, you must be brave and confident enough in your own light to let another down or even to look like a failure or a fool at times. Because, if you are aligned, you have not failed. Eventually this choice will become a beacon of light for others when your light shines brighter than ever and they are looking for guidance.

Alignment is also presented in our physical core. You deserve to stand tall with a strong inner and outer core.

Our solar plexus is where many of our sympathetic nervous system nerve endings come together to tell us if we should fight, fight, freeze or friend when we are in danger. If you are living with pain in your stomach, digestive system or solar plexus area your body cannot function properly, you need to find safety and allow yourself to heal. Make a promise to your entire body and being that when you feel any discomfort in this area you will step back and re-evaluate because this is your brain-gut connection. Your gut trusts your brain and your brain trusts your gut and this knowledge is where your true strength and power comes from.

Mindfulness: The goal is for you to be able to stand tall and shine in every way without the weight of shame. It may have become a habit to feel shame, so perhaps the change needs to be made in self-acceptance. Perhaps it is time to accept that you just might step out of line once or twice out of 35, 000 and give yourself some grace. Stop feeding the shadow of shame and start realizing that we are all learning, no one is perfect, and yet, that is what makes us all so very perfect.

Movement: If your physical core needs strengthening, begin with strengthening your emotional and mental core for alignment.

Meditation: If we are really to make conscious choices that lead us to shine without shame, we must make them with our mind and our gut intelligence – that place that really tells us safe versus unsafe, whatever that may be for you. Remove all of the other voices and listen to your inner voice. The best way to tap into this inner wisdom is through daily meditation.

More: Seed 5: Shine without Shame by listening to your gut. What is it telling you today? What is out of alignment?

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