Day 17 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Seed #6 – Know Your V-Code

I AM HERE TO FEEL – and it is through feeling that we create.

This chakra is not only our sacral chakra, it is sacred. This powerful seed goes one step beyond “doing” or “acting” because it involves relationships with others, and when we involve others we automatically create. This is your connection to desire and to others from the deepest part of yourself. It is the area that asks how far we are willing to go to follow our own passions and desires?

Much of today’s seed can be paralleled with migrating birds who fly in a V formation; this why this seeds is: Know your V-Code.   

A V-Code is a sacred contract with yourself for yourself and for others. It is a guideline for yourself that defines your boundaries so that you can let go and feel desire and passion, in this honouring your feelings, yet not necessarily act on your feelings. There is such wisdom in our sacral chakra and it needs to be heard – and it needs to be tamed. Your V-Code is not about building brick walls, but drawing definite lines in the sand that are meant not to be crossed without much consideration. It is a commitment to take care of you and your tribe.  

The freedom to feel is the greatest gift.  And our next gift is to develop self-control and make conscious creations. This is the best gift we can give this world today – and generations to come.

Because we are now creating and involving others we need to define how far we will go to please or disappoint, to be right or to be happy, in order to fulfill our own desires.  I firmly believe in win-win-win and this is what this code must take into consideration. It a promise to always look for the three-way win in every circumstance.  Even though many contracts involve only two parties, there is always a third that is also being affected.  Be aware of this: of who and how your agreements affect, because of what is created.  

Seed #6 Know Your V-Code

Mindfulness: Asteya means non-stealing.  Do not steal from yourself, which could mean wasted energy or opportunity. Do not steal from others, which could mean taking what is not yours, over-controlling situations or “over-helping,” which results in another not gaining the life experiences for growth or development. And it is not stealing, wasting or taking more that you need from the earth.

Asteya asks that we have faith so that we all can have freedom.  It asks that we uphold personal boundaries and that we revere the boundaries of others.  We don’t always know the greater reason for occurrences or circumstances, so it is taking a step back and allowing others to have a complete journey, just as you have your own.  

If a relationship or a situation is not flowing and there is strong resistance, something has to let go because that is not the way life should be and eventually someone will choke.  Perhaps you need to let someone else lead for a while and take your position at the back of the pack.  And while you are there, re-energize and learn from those in front of you so that when the day comes for you to lead again, you have the skills and the vigour to do so.  Trying to lead when you are lacking the energy is stealing from the entire team.  

Movement: Social – Sacral Chakra Asana

Meditation: Life is not easy, so be sure to take time to restore so that you can face the challenges. Spending time in meditative stillness and silence prepares you for the ebbs and flows of life.

More: Seed #5: Write out your V-code which will allow you the freedom to fully feel joy, freedom, creativity, desire, passion, anger or even rage – and yet what is ultimately created, the end result, will be lifting up others or allowing yourself be lifted for the preservation of energy, for efficiency and for the ultimate reward. Know your boundaries and lines in the sand so you know when it is time to let the weakest link break away or when they just need some reinforcement. Allow yourself to fully feel so you do not act at the expense of creating something you don’t really want.

Example: Love and Loyalty go hand in hand. Remain loyal to what you love and to whom you love. Act lovingly to what you are loyal to and to whom you are loyal to. Expect this in return. Let this form the foundation of your V.

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