Day 17 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Seed #6 – Know Your V-Code

I AM HERE TO FEEL – It is through feeling that we create.

This chakra is not only our sacral chakra, it is sacred. Today’s powerful seed goes beyond “doing” or “acting” because it involves relationships with others or spirit– and when we involve others, we automatically create. Our connection to creativity comes from our desire to explore new waters and it stems from the deepest part of ourselves that longs to experience, to push limits and go deeper into the unknown. Because of this, we are called to ask ourselves how far we are willing to go to honour what we feel. The answer will be in how much we trust ourselves, allow ourselves to trust and, therefore, be trustworthy, in order to create a masterpiece built on faithful vulnerability and passion – always with boundaries, not brick walls.

Our freedom to feel and the ability to forgive, yourself and others, are the greatest gifts we have been given as humans.  The next is our ability to develop self-control, in order to make conscious, lasting creations – with feeling and forgiveness. This becomes understanding; this becomes a code of understanding.

Much of today’s seed of trust can be paralleled with migrating birds who fly in a V formation. What is created depends on our ability to lead and to take time to rest, both done with honesty and trust – to ourselves first, which directs or dictates the wind of honesty and trust with others. This why this seeds is: Know your V-Code.

Your V-Code is a sacred contract with yourself, for yourself, and for others. This guideline, or these rules you have for your own life becomes the line that you will draw in the in the sand of your boundaries, so that you can let go and simply feel. From there the decision will be how you choose to act. The wisdom within your sacral chakra knows that this line may become obscured at times from the tide or the wind, simply because it is sand, which will open the flood gates for your innate and natural longing to connect to something greater, with the safety of also knowing you can close that gate at any time and reset, which is why it needs to be tamed. Your V-Code is a promise that you will take care of and be loyal to you, and therefore you will be loyal to others within your flock.

Because we are now involving others and we are creating through this chakra, it is important to define how far we will go to please or disappoint, to be right or to be happy, to give and to receive, in order to fulfill our own desires and ultimately the desires of others.  I firmly believe in win-win-win and this is what this code must take into consideration. It is a commitment to always look for the three-way-win in every circumstance.  Even though many contracts involve only two parties, there is always a third that is also being affected. Be aware of this; of who and how your agreements affect and what this creates, now and in the future.

Seed #6 Know Your V-Code

Mindfulness: Asteya means non-stealing.  Do not steal from yourself, which could mean wasted energy or opportunity. Do not steal from others, which could mean taking what is not yours, over-controlling situations or “over-helping,” which results in another not gaining the life experiences for growth or development. And it is not stealing, wasting or taking more that you need from the earth.

Asteya asks that we remain faithful for freedom. It asks that we uphold personal boundaries, while not only respecting but revering the boundaries of others; that we maintain our promise to allow ourselves to be held in the wake as much as we hold another.

Movement: Social – Sacral Chakra Asana

Meditation: Spending time in meditative stillness and silence prepares you for the ebbs and flows of life.

More: Seed #5: Write out your V-code, which will allow you the freedom to fully feel joy, freedom, creativity, desire, passion, anger or even rage – and yet what is ultimately created in the end will be lifting up others or allowing yourself be lifted for the preservation of energy, for efficiency and for the ultimate reward. Know your boundaries and lines in the sand so you know when it is time to let the weakest link break away or when they just need some reinforcement. Allow yourself to fully feel so that when you act it will not be at the expense of creating something you don’t really want.

Example: Love and Loyalty go hand in hand. Remain loyal to yourself, to what you love and to whom you love and why, which is the intention. Act lovingly towards yourself, what you are loyal to and to whom you are loyal to. Expect this in return. Let this form the foundation of your V.

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