Day 18 – 20-20 Yoga and Meditation – Ground with Gratitude – Seed #7


Always remember to ground with gratitude with each successful landing by planting your feet, growing roots and most importantly sharing your new seeds as you shout, “Thank you for allowing me to belong.”  And then, prepare to step, leap or jump once again. 

Love’s companion is loyalty and both are grounded in gratitude. Live fearlessly with love and in loyalty.

Seed #7 Ground With Gratitude

Mindfulness: If you ever feel you do not belong, it is a signal to find gratitude for the fact that you are here, and let that direct you to where you do feel you belong. This will be to your natural-self.

The ultimate measure of success is one’s level of gratitude for everything from the ground we walk on to the beauty that surrounds us to those who offered us opportunity along the way or walked by our side. Acknowledging your belonging with gratitude is like adding tools to your toolbox. Each tool is what you need to continue to use to build your best life. The more you do, the more you will find belonging everywhere you go. What are you grateful for today? Who gave you a chance?

Take time each day to ground and feel your connection and your belonging to your community and to this amazing earth. Once you succeed and reach your goal it will never be a full success until there is gratitude. Show your gratitude by grounding and planting roots and seeds of your success.

Movement: Physical – Root Chakra Asana

Meditation: Be moved by nature and connect with this earth with gratitude.

More: Seed #7 Ground with Gratitude. Be fearless because you belong. Ground your feet, grow your roots and share you seeds of success.

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