Day 2 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Twists

When we think about or hear the word “core” we often think about our front six-pack area.  But, it is also our mid to lower back, which is just as important to keep strong. And, it is everything inside that area, which is the majority of our digestive system. When we relate this to our life, it brings to light that what we put in us and what is behind us, our past, is very significant in how we stand, move forward and area able to face what is in front of us. No matter what your past involved, let it be part of your strength for your future, not a weakness, by releasing the toxicity and keeping the vitality. 

Mindfulness: Transformation is constant because it is a result of change, and change is the only guarantee in life.  Without change, there is no life; therefore, whatever transformation you are about to embark on, make it part of the twists and twirls and swirl it into the dance of your life.  Make this transformation part of your forever dance.

Today in your journaling – or mentally – I hope you will solidify and simplify your goal so that it is obtainable. Keep your longer-term goal(s), with faith that it, too, will evolve through this process, but what is your immediate resolution? What do you hope to accomplish in the next 20 days that is imperative in order to live your best life, and a necessary in order to accomplish what you envision in one year or five? What is the great need in your life in your life right now for fulfillment?  Why is this important to you or why do you want to make this life change? Write this down.

What aspect of your life do you need to do this most for?  The seven aspects are: Spiritual, Emotional, Environmental, Occupational, Intellectual, Social and Physical.

The good news is that because your life is like an ecosystem, all of your aspects of wellness are going to be positively affected by this one transformation and you will reap the rewards in each area of your life.  And, just like the constant change of our environment through the seasons, if we don’t take time to appreciate and make the most of the season we are leaving and the one we are in, they will be gone before you know it.  

Enjoy this day, this season of your life and all that it has to offer.  Trust that today you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and, because this is a journey of change, know that whatever change is coming for you, it is time.  Take what you have gained from the past because you are going to need that lesson or strength for the future. Trust in what is to come.

Movement: Let’s begin today with twisting – looking back at what is behind us as we strengthen and beautify our core.  Squeeze out what we don’t need or want and let what remains be solid, confident and strong. 

Meditation: What memory stands out most for you from the last year? What significance does it have for you today and for your future? Whether your memory is pleasurable or a difficult, recall the beauty and warmth – the positive that grew out of the experience?  I know there was beauty and warmth involved or it would not still linger.  Embrace that warmth and allow any negative to fall away. See how it affected you in who you have become, where you want to go or do, and how it is now a part of the core of your being. 

More: Drink fresh water.  Using a clear water jug, fill it with fresh water each day and add a new fruit to float and squeeze in it.  Play with combining  flavours, such as watermelon and cucumber or lime and lemon and orange.  Enjoy the freshness, the colours and the flavours.  Enjoy each glass of water and feel gratitude for this simple pleasure as it cleanses your insides.  And hopefully you will also start to drink more water – bringing more clarity to your life, inside and out.

 Be Still. Namaste.

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