Day 3 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – Surrender

Whatever transformation is occurring for you through the goal you set, it is something that you need – a new beginning of sorts.  

And now, give yourself permission to quit.

Mindfulness: Not giving ourselves permission to quit, or to soften, or step back and make adjustments that will serve our needs in the best possible way, is often why we find ourselves in need of a significant transformation or change.

Think of times where instead of treating yourself lovingly, you pushed through or perhaps even numbed?  How is your body is now seeing the effects of past abuse, your finances are seeing the effects of your ego or what have you become addicted to as a substitute for self-care:: food, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs? All instead of using your voice and becoming your own advocate. 

Giving yourself permission to quit means that before you jeopardize yourself in any way, you will listen to that little voice in your head and follow your gut instinct.  If a situation does not feel right, it usually isn’t.  Respect your own wisdom and the wisdom that is constantly offered to you by the Universe and surrender.  It is very important in these 20 days that you modify where you need to. Rest when you need to and push where you need to because this is your journey.

How have you, in the past, turned to numbing or other means of self-destruction instead of allowing yourself to rest or giving yourself permission to quit?

Write one word that describes how you want to feel today – and each and every day on this journey.   Perhaps this is the same word that you would like to be once you reach your goal. Vow to honour this word on this journey and every journey to come and promise yourself that if it is not being honoured you will re-evaluate and possibly even quit. In addition, write one thing you will do as a means of self-love or self-care that you can do instead of choosing to self-sabotaging.

 Surrendering before you need to quit or self-destruct allows space for your Higher Power, God or the Universe to enter and be a source of strength. Create an invitation for an energy or entity of Love – that is on a greater wavelength than yours alone – to provide you strength – that is greater than yours alone.

Movement: There is a difference between heat and fire, don’t allow yourself to burn to ashes, while at the same time know that a little heat is good.  While continuing to make a daily commitment to succeed and to make positive change, build trust with yourself by always giving yourself permission to quit before you self-destruct in any way.  It is knowing the difference between an injury or trauma and a hurt.  Do you just need a rest or do you need recovery?

Today trust in the knowledge that you have never been more on the right track than you are right now and promise yourself not to do anything that will jeopardize that trust – including what you do in your daily practice.

Meditation: Surrendering involves letting go of the ego – the need to be it all and do it all on our own.  It is a huge step in building trust; trust in yourself, others and in the Universe as you trust in what is to come next in your life.  You might be surprised what that simple act of offering yourself permission, based on trust, evolves into.

More:  Learn to nap and take time out for yourself to rejuvenate. This can be something you do as a means of self-care for the next 20 days when you need to back away from a situation or quit rather than doing something self-destructive. Put your headphones on, turn on the daily mediation or soft music and set your alarm for however much time you have or need. Give your body and mind the grace of rest. In the end you are sure to be more productive, while at the same time, building trust with yourself by honouring your needs.

To sleep, perchance to dream. – William Shakespeare

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