Day 5 – Yoga & Meditation – Transition

Each time we embark on an intentional or unintentional transformation or change, there is always that space and time called transition.  In a perfect dance it is the moment when one is suspended in mid-air, or when two partners are reaching for each other, yet there is not contact.  It is the top of a deep inhale, the second before the exhale.  It is a time of anticipation, and where one remains fairly still to be sure not to miss the next beat. 

Mindfulness: What word or words come to mind when you imagine this suspension in time? Excitement, trust, hopeful, focus, beauty, freedom?  Perhaps that is how you are feeling today.

Today you may be suspended in mid-air, but you are also doing it! Bring to mind or write down the word you chose from Day 3 that describes how will you will feel when you reach the goal or intention you set.  How will you feel when that moment arrives when you touch that hand or the solid ground below and raise your arms in triumph? When you finally have that clarity or focus? When you land that job, or find that partner, or lose those pounds or are truly done with that unhealthy habit.  What are you feeling?  Feel that along with pride in yourself for taking this big step and feel the excitement, trust, hope, focus, beauty and freedom that comes with the exhilarating suspension and the faithful unknowns.

Today you are swinging and twirling, waiting to exhale, to leap or land, to catch or throw, to begin or end.  You are in mid-air.  And remember: this as your show! it is beautiful and fascinating so just enjoy it.

Sometimes we have to do some preparation or have awareness for this time of being “lost in transition” so that we truly can enjoy the dance.  It is ok to take some time off or space away from the everyday, or at a minimum make a commitment to give yourself grace to be still or perhaps get out into nature, into the wild, and breathe.  Healing sometimes requires us to put the show on  pause or slow motion.  If you are experiencing a detox, allow yourself this time to not make huge commitments to others.  If possible hold off on starting a new or large project.  Let any and every strong emotion, thought or idea to be put on hold, trusting the right one will still be there when you are ready.  Allow yourself to heal and grow strong, and remember that whether your change involves a chemical, mental or emotional detox, a detox is a detox.  

Any time you doubt or feel down, remember that it took you an entire lifetime to get to this point where you needed a change, so allowing yourself 20 days of grace to make a positive impact the rest of your life is fairly minor.  It truly is a wonderful world, and you are worthy of finding pure joy in it.

Movement: Transition to Wild Thing

More: Try to incorporate walks into your days or weeks.  As you do, feel more a live with each step, each breath.  Whenever you feel you need an emotional boost or to clear your head, get outside and enjoy a 20 minute walk; rain, snow or shine.  As you walk, look around.  Look up at the sky, down at the ground, far to your right and over to your left.  You will not only reap the benefits of fresh air and notice the beauty around you, but you are also using both sides of your brain as you step your feet, move your eyes and swing your arms.  Think wild.  Your heart will thank you.  Your entire mind, body and your soul will thank you. 

Life is not about waiting for the sun to shine, it is about learning to dance in the rain. – Anonymous

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