Day 7 – 20-20 Yoga & Mediation – Bridge to Present

We Don’t See Things As They Are, We See Them As We Are. –Anaïs Nin

As you begin to really open in your body through yoga and your mind through meditation you will notice a greater need for self-awareness throughout your days in order to avoid confusion, congestion and sometimes confliction – inner and outer.  Things that used to be “normal” may no longer seem so and situations that may have bothered you before, you no longer notice.  The next seven days will focus on the present and the power of the present. Today we will work on being present, enlightened and aware – without attachment.

Dancing in the Rain and Becoming the Change. A little under the weather today, you can see some fatigue in my body, but this is a great sequence for recovery from illness – especially a chest cold or flu.

Mindfulness: What do you know for sure today?  Why is this understanding or knowledge important to you?  How did this come to be?  What transformations have you noticed take place already in the past week: body, mind and soul?

You have a right to knowledge and understanding and then you have a right to detach from all that it brings.  Believe it or not, you know things that others don’t know because you know it as you. As much as there may be a responsibility that comes with knowledge, there also needs to be a surrender.  Learn to let go so that you can just be present in the knowing.  You don’t need to change everything or anything in one particular moment, change happens over time.  In order to be the change it has to become who you are.  

Through awareness the hope is to create better and more positive habits and be a part of creating change. Be the change by creating and living positive, healthy, productive solutions that are beneficial to all. Our world needs that now more than ever.

Movement: Bridge Pose. Opening up the entire spine and each chakra in it, this is a great video to keep on hand during any illness or cold and flu season.

More: This week, pay attention to your body and its responses.   It is much easier or more obvious to be aware of what you feel when there is discomfort, but it is important to also be aware of the comfort.  Listen to what your body is telling you via the comforts and discomforts during the happys and sads. And instead of reacting or even responding in the moment, just feel it.  Then, in time, perhaps the next day  journal what happened and come up with one idea for what you can do to be the change.  In time, this exercise will become automatic for you and you will be able to read your body so well you will know what to do it in the moment with confidence.  This. Is. Transformation.

7 Questions:

What body part was affected?

What did I feel in the body part?

What was going on?

How was I feeling emotionally?

What is this telling me?

What was the good or positive that I can create more of?

What was the negative and what can I do to be the change?

The only time that matters is the present.

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