Day 9 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – A.M. Asana – Morning Practice

This age of “never enough time,” leaves us feeling like we have to “make time,” which is illusionary because we can’t make time, it has already been gifted to us – we are alive.

Give me twenty!  Remember those words? They meant 20 push-ups or 20 laps, usually to correct a behaviour.  Incorporating movement to change a behaviour is not a new concept, neither is reaping the health benefits of exercising for 20 minutes.  

Mindfulness: Think of one area of your life or one activity where 20 minutes used to be enough, and now if it is only 20, then why bother?  When did that way of thinking happen? I hope you start doing this 20 minutes again and know that it is enough.  And while you are at it, remind yourself that you too are enough and what you do is more enough.  

Let’s go back to a world where the majority of the time 20 was enough: a 20 minute run or workout, a 20 minute nap or coffee or snuggle on the couch or what about a 20 minute yoga practice or a 20 minute meditation.  That is what we are doing in our 20-20 Yoga & Meditation for Transformation, and I know you are feeling the positive results already.  I hope you will continue to see how beneficial 20 can be in every aspect of your life and incorporate more 20 minutes into your everyday.

Movement: Morning stiffness can affect people of all ages and gets more severe as we age.  Stretching before you even get out of bed is a great way to use your gift of time wisely and it helps to loosen those joints and muscles and remove any build up from the night.  Then, when you are ready, you can get up and enjoy some quiet “me- ’n-God-time” in the stillness of the morning or even later in the afternoon, while in meditation. Meditation helps remove any mental build up and prepares you to create with quality for quantity.

Meditation: Time for Gratitude Creates Gratitude for Time.  We often hear people say that they do not have time to meditate or that they don’t meditate because of “time.”  I can assure you that time spent connecting to the authentic self, the universe, spirit or to God is the best and most productive time you will spend in your day.  When you take the time to surrender all of your humanly and worldly woes to in meditation you can feel the burdens begin to lift,  and as calmness takes over everything changes.  Your mind becomes clear, your heartbeat slows, any stiffness in your body disappears and you feel so small and insignificant, and yet so big and powerful at the same time because you realize that it is your burdens that are what are small and you regain your energy to get back your power with perspective.

The more the world pushes you to do more and be more, the more time you need spend in meditation and to step back, set boundaries and think about whose dreams you are making come true.  Realize your greatest power, strength and most productivity comes when you do you.  You are enough.  The world needs your unique gift.

And then comes the exact answer you had been searching for. 

More:  Next time you find yourself automatically doing a behaviour that you would like to change, give yourself 20. Maybe that will be 20 push-ups per cookie or 20 sit-ups per swear word or 20 stairs when you say yes instead of saying no. Enjoy the power of 20 while continuing to incorporate movement with positive daily change and growth.

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