Sample Day – 20-20 Yoga and Meditation – Dancing Warrior

Sample Day: Humble Warrior

On the path towards our dreams sometimes we must reconnect. The word stray is a significant word on this journey to our dreams. One of its synonyms is isolate, which is very telling as to what happens when we are lost in life. When one has wandered too far in a wrong direction there is a loss of connection with one’s self, others and the Universe – with God. Isolation leaves us vulnerable to become preyed upon and fall victim. And it can occur in any aspect of wellness.

Mindfulness: Which aspect of wellness do you feel is most in need of improvement or fulfillment? Come up with one word as a description of what it is you are feeling or how you would describe its state. Because your life is like ecosystem, you will see how this is exact word is somehow recurring in every aspect. Sometimes it is helpful to look at an aspect of wellness that is going well and ask what is “off,” or how it could use improvement. How you describe this seemingly insignificant lack will be very significant in the aspect that you have strayed from the farthest. 

This may also be something you are hiding from the world because you are not proud of it or you feel like you should be better or further along. Now, kick some dirt over that shit-show-of-shame, and take what is real – what is really you, all of you – and come out of hiding and begin to reconnect. Today I hope you have a moment of such peace because you are free, you are forgiven. Let it wash over you like warm cleansing water. Or perhaps like one tiny, melting snow flake.

With grace, allow yourself to understand that you are not hiding, you have just become isolated – simply because you have strayed. And, all you have to do is turn around; look around at the open hearts and arms.

Today, be grateful for any discomfort, discord or discontent in your life or in your body that created a desire for change. Let this guide you like a compass to take you back to where you can be found once again and fully reconnect. Feel the love and protection surround you and you will know you have returned to the the direction of your dreams. As take the time to reconnect through yoga and meditation, the more confident you will be in yourself and your decisions that involve others.

Once you feel the desire to no longer be alone or lonely you start to feel alive, let your guard down and love yourself again. You will feel stronger than you have in such a long time because you know you are not doing this all alone and the entire universe is with you.

Movement: Dancing Warrior

Meditation: What does falling snow sound like? Can you picture it – imagine yourself standing in the midst of snowflakes falling all around you, and on you. It is silent. And yet, there is a depth to it that goes beyond peaceful.

Dreams do come true, often they happen silently and so slowly. Like each flake of falling snow that accumulate to one day cover the entire ground, one day you too will wake up and realize you have arrived.

Now, that word you chose to describe the aspect you are struggling with, release it and watch it slowly disappear completely from your life in the days and weeks to come.

More: Purchase some Epsom salts and start giving yourself the gift of a beautiful soak at the end of the day. Bathing in Epsom salt helps to rid the body of toxins, while also soaking up the magnesium; both of which help to alleviate muscle pain. Allow your emotions to do the same in releasing what you do not need and what is not healthy and absorbing what is good for you and what you need. Let it happen naturally.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. – Henry David Thoreau​

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