The Greatest Lesson – Yoga & Story for Kids!

Isn’t it true that the most important lessons in life were probably taught to us in kindergarten? One of these great lessons is the power of kindness and that when we are kind, kindness is always returned. It just may be the only thing in life that does not come with regrets.

When I look back at the most difficult time of my life, what I remember most are those precious moments where kindness was shown. I hope we can all remember this now, during these uncertain times, so that we all have good memories to look back on when we recall our spring of 2020.

The Greatest Lesson Yoga and Story for Kids – story starts at 18:17

While the adults are doing their own form of self improvement, the above link is a 20 minute yoga sequence for kids – and at the end is a story I wrote called The Greatest Lesson (that is presently in the process of being illustrated and will soon be out in print – Let your kids develop the good habits of taking deep breaths and finding balance, while opening their hearts to kindness. If you would like to go right to the story it begins in the video at time-18:17.

In the words of Henry James, and repeated by Ellen DeGeneres everyday, “Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” I ask you to continue to live these words. Be kind and loving to God, to others, and to yourself. Our earth needs this now more than ever.

Namaste, Janaia

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