I Love You… More Than Words 

These above words are the words I wrote to my children as my dedication for the book The Seven Seeds.  I wrote these words because I know that love requires more than words and sometimes the most love comes from those who can’t even talk.

Once you know the other’s needs it is one thing to write the words or say the words, but it is another to live those words. It is not that your loved ones do not want to hear the words, but that they need to see the actions to feel the truth in the words.

Each time you speak the words, “I love you,” pay attention to your own body language and physical sensations, and notice the other’s physical reaction, and let this impact how you really show your love – in ways more than words.

Sentences to finish alone or with your loved ones:

For me to truly feel that I am loved by another, I need: 

The virtue I value most is: 

These are similar by:

In order to receive more of this virtue, I know I need to clearly express:

In order to show this virtue, I need to: 

When my need and my most valued virtue are not being obliged, I know the relationship will be strained; therefore, I will immediately address this by: 

If there were no word for LOVE, I would have to show that it is real by:


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Happy Valentine’s Day! Paint a new canvas of LOVE.

No matter what you have been through in your past relationships, today is a new day. Your relationship, or the one you hope to find, deserves some nurturing; start today by planting new seeds with intention, and begin with a clean slate on a new canvas of LOVE.

What you are seeking in another is also what you are now ready to offer and the same can be applied with what the other is seeking.

Relationships do not come with resumes and references, unless you are on a comprehensive dating website. And even then, if one or both have not done the inner work required for lasting change, it doesn’t matter what it looks like on paper, it it will eventually show up in the entire picture. Perhaps it is time to plants some new and refreshing seeds for a future of lasting LOVE.

Engaging in honest conversations about your past relationships, and the role you each may have played in the demise of the relationships, is important to some people; it is vital, though, that you talk about what you have learned from the past and what you will do differently in the future – in the present. There should be acknowledgement and accountability taken of how each person contributed to the good and the bad, in some form, thus knowing how the negative will not be repeated.

Listen to the honest answers when someone tells you their truth. Be sure it is part of the picture that you would like to create on your canvas of life. Honest and vulnerable conversations that create lasting connection is like growing strong strong roots for healthy growth. It is also just as, or more powerful, than any Kama Sutra. Create a new picture and plant some new seeds with intention on this very special Valentine’s Day.

Today’s questions and sentences to finish:

What have you learned about yourself from your past relationships and this relationship? What will you do differently next time? If you are a victim of past abuse, what will you promise to do differently now that you have the wisdom you have gained?  

I know that I contributed to the demise of a relationship by: 

I hope that the people coming into my life do not need to worry about my past history of: 

A positive change I have made is: 

I know I must continue to work on:

I expect those who become important people in my life to have worked on: 

I have learned that in a close relationship I need: 

From now on, in a deep conversation with someone I am becoming close to, one question I will ask is: 

And the answer I need to hear is: 

If you want to be really adventurous, purchase a large, body sized, canvas and purchase some washable paints and physically paint a new canvas of LOVE with your Valentine.


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Remove the Blockages of Love 

One of the most basic, yet often the most difficult requirements of love, is allowing each other to be free. To act and do with freedom is a necessity of life and love.

When people are asked if they had to choose between money, love or freedom; which they would they choose, freedom is often the answer. Why? Because without freedom money does not matter and love is not possible.

If you are feeling constricted in love ask yourself if the blockage is in your mind or your heart. And then work towards removing this. Eventually, you will be led to the core of the constriction, which usually stems from a fear that is created by expectation – one that might require your ego to let go of, or it is legitimate and needs to be addressed.

Will you allow yourself to soften; to release and let go of rigid expectations of what love should be, or how another should act in love, and allow love find its own way? If a relationship is not meant to be or is not what you had hoped or expected, it does not have to be the demise of love; love can remain, just in an altered form. Today, I hope you realize that irrationality can form in your thoughts and emotions when we try to control love – not allowing it to freely flow.

Try to remove the ego’s influence of fear on your mind and heart to unblock the flow of love, which will create genuine love through freedom. 

True love holds a sincere desire to see another become an individual, liberated work of art. What does your partner need you to let go of that you are holding too tightly, to be his/her best in love? What do you need today to feel this same sense of freedom in order to become your best in love?

The fear that is blocking my potential for the greatest of loves is: 

In the past, when I let down my guard, I was hurt when: 

The part I played to create or allow this was: 

I dishonoured myself by: 

Which created: 

In the past, when I have let down my guard, I was shown unconditional love by: 

To help create this I: 

This taught me: 

When there is doubt or fear in my heart or mind, I know I need to:

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First, Do No Harm 

Responding with love, in whatever you are doing today, is the surest way to do no harm. If this medical code of ethics was humanity’s code of ethics, imagine what a wonderful world it would be.

It is each person’s responsibility to care for his fellow man by ensuring an abundance of the necessities of life such as food, water, clothing, shelter… and LOVE. I also believe it is also each person’s responsibility to be working at the job they LOVE. It will be your most natural and aligned state and where you have the most energy to give and receive. You will also be doing something you believe in and is authentically YOU.

Alignment = Energy + Joy.

This doesn’t mean every single day, and it doesn’t mean you are not going to have to work hard, but it should not be work “harm,” where you are doing it at the expense of your entire health and wellbeing. It also doesn’t mean that you will remain at that same job forever, but it does mean that while you are there, the fulfillment is so great that you know you are exactly where you are meant to be. If you love your work today, when it is time to make a change, there will be no doubt in your mind when you find that same feeling again.

Whatever gifts you have to give, be sure you are offering it with LOVE – and LOVE is sure to be returned.

Try today to be more compassionate in your work, to yourself and to others, by showing small gestures of kindness to everyone around you. It is through these little things that YOU can make the biggest changes in yourself and in the world. 

How will you show loving kindness today? How will this help remind yourself, in each decision you have to make, to first do no harm? 

Please finish the sentences.

When I get overly busy and focused on my own life and timeline, it is easy to forget: 

Life is short. Putting this reality into perspective is a reminder or a calling for me to:

It is my obligation to be kind and to do the loving thing, this includes myself, my partner and my family; therefore, starting today I will: 

If I am doing what I love, I am giving my greatest gift, one thing I will begin doing today to bring more love into my occupational aspect of wellness is:

This will contribute my legacy through planting seeds of: 


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Discover Your Essence

Essence is the flavour of the juice that is squeezed from the fruit.  It was who you were at birth, who you are now and who you will become.  It is also what you require to thrive in life.  

Take a moment to envision yourself on your dream vacation.  You are fit, healthy and fully alive.  You have not a single worry at home, everything is taken care of.  The vacation is fully paid for, you have unlimited money to do anything you want, and you can stay as long as you want.  Picture where you would be and what you would be doing. Who is with you?  What surrounds you?  Imagine what it feels like to have accomplished what you have to get to where you are without any fears or burdens – in this perfect moment.  

You have also been given an amazing gift of knowledge and understanding of all.  And yet, you are completely unattached to any of it.  The thoughts and realizations pass through you like a warm breeze and make you smile because of the absolute, yet simple perfection.

As all of this knowing flows in and around you, you also have an understanding of who you are.  You realize your essence.  It is what is inside of you that has sustained you and provided you with the inspiration to grow.  

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