Day 9 – 20-20 Yoga & Meditation – A.M. Asana – Morning Practice

This age of “never enough time,” leaves us feeling like we have to “make time,” which is illusionary because we can’t make time, it has already been gifted to us – we are alive.

Give me twenty!  Remember those words? They meant 20 push-ups or 20 laps, usually to correct a behaviour.  Incorporating movement to change a behaviour is not a new concept, neither is reaping the health benefits of exercising for 20 minutes.  

Mindfulness: Think of one area of your life or one activity where 20 minutes used to be enough, and now if it is only 20, then why bother?  When did that way of thinking happen? I hope you start doing this 20 minutes again and know that it is enough.  And while you are at it, remind yourself that you too are enough and what you do is more enough.  

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