REDIRECTION – Environmental

Mitigation and resilience

The word being used is mitigation.  It is Alberta’s $150 million commitment to reduce the severity of potential flood damage in the province, since the tragic floods of 2013 in Calgary and area.  The flood that took the lives of five people and left over 100,000 misplaced.  Another word might be redirection. Continue reading “REDIRECTION – Environmental”

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REDIRECTION – Intellectual

Nothing in common but common ground

If you are looking to embark on the path of post-secondary education with the objectives of instant solidarity in being around others “who are just like you” and ensuring futuristic clarity, you may be disappointed.  Yet, you might also be pleasantly surprised.  Continue reading “REDIRECTION – Intellectual”

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Seven steps to turning rejection into redirection 

Rejection is one of the most difficult experiences a human can face.  But, if we change how we look at rejection, the experience can be turned into a positive new-beginning, instead of another shameful-ending. Continue reading “REDIRECTION – Spiritual”

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